The development of better mobile technology has finally enabled Maxis and EA to offer a smartphone version of the highly popular life simulation video game, "The Sims," which is akin to its Windows PC and MacOS counterparts. Both companies have recently announced the upcoming release of their new Mobile Game, aptly called "The Sims Mobile," which will be coming to both Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Unlike the previously released "The Sims Freeplay" mobile app, the new title seems to contain a lot more content and features this time around.

The previous game, which was released back in 2011, was quite limited in the amount of customization and options users got to play around with. However, the new version seems to contain a lot of content this time around with an updated graphics system that makes it look a lot like "The Sims 4," which was released for the PC and MacOS back in 2014.

Building a legacy

Speaking of similarities to "The Sims 4," the new mobile game apparently features a new family feature that is similar to the "Legacy Challenge" found on the full version released for computers. Users will be rewarded with trophies and special "heirlooms" when they succeed in building a multi-generation family.

Additionally, each family member can have different professions that ultimately add to the entire lineage's legacy.

Each Sim can strive to achieve their different life goals and focus on their specific hobbies that will, in turn, unlock other hobbies and professions. Building relationships with other Sims is also a big part of the experience and different actions will result in different reactions from partners or potential mates. The big emphasis on the new game will also be the different stories players will create through the different choices they make within the game.

A full feature experience

Similar to the PC versions, players can also fully customize their Sims experience by building their own home and creating big life events. The recently released soft launch trailer also teases a big multiplayer component that will let other players interact with each other's Sims.

The game is currently available for some Android users in Brazil as part of the game's soft launch. EA has yet to announce when they will be releasing the game to the rest of the world, but that should be revealed very soon.