"Out of stock," words have infuriated Popeyes' lovers across the nation. Several people have complained and even sued Popeyes — citing "pain and suffering" for wasted resources during their searches. While the sandwich is undoubtedly as viral now as during its debut, Popeyes announced on August 27 that the chicken miracle was no longer in supply. Honestly, it could be a way to prolong scarcity and keep demand extremely high. But whatever the case, it's assuredly working in Popeyes' favor.

According to Popeyes' Twitter feed, the company told its customers that it hears their demands and is trying to resupply.

Popeyes referred to the chicken holy grail as "The Sandwich." That's putting a lot on it, right? Well, its track record definitely supports the title. "Thanks for sticking with us," the company also mentioned regarding its temporary status. However, some people don't have the patience to wait for Popeyes' indeterminate re-release of the chicken sandwich.

Some are caving to the "pressure" and irrationally responding to the sandwich's absence. An article published on Blasting News previously reported that Popeyes was nearly robbed after employees told a group of drive-thru customers that the menu item was unavailable. It's really not that serious, folks. As mentioned in the report, it's only a sandwich.

But if you've got to have this 'out of stock' chicken sandwich -

A recipe and instructional video from "Hellthy Junkfood" are below. Just as well, you can make the sandwich in your own home.

If you need the full recipe and directions in writing, the link is in the video's description. Honestly, after looking at the similar Cajun recipe, a lot goes into making "The Sandwich," and it would possibly be easier to drive to your nearest Popeyes to grab one.

However, that's the issue at the moment, right?

So if you have kitchen patience, this is the way to go. They're calling it a "copycat recipe." And it seemingly hits the mark. Plus, for anyone confused about the buns, they're called Brioche rolls. They're not regular burger buns.

Another website — "Gimme Delicious" — also offers its version of the chicken sandwich.

It's slightly less intense. However, it does look adequate. That video is located below.

All in all — if you can't find Popeyes' signature, viral sandwich — chicken lovers have options. Most everything in modern society has a work-around if you look hard enough. Sometimes, it's a little less convenient. Nevertheless, you won't drive several miles — wasting gallons of gas — just to be told the chicken sandwich you've prepared to taste is out of stock. After making them at home, you can feast until you're full.