When news like this appears on your timeline, it seems so far-fetched — it has to be a joke, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, it's 100-percent legit. Houston authorities have verified that Popeyes, on the 7100 block of Scott Street, was held up at gunpoint on Monday night by a group of five — reportedly three men and two women, according to ABC News. The source said the suspects were in Popeyes' drive-thru placing their orders and were told the social-media-driven chicken sandwich wasn't available.

ABC said that, after the suspects were told the chicken sandwich was unavailable, they attempted to storm the Popeyes' building.

The report mentioned that one man had a gun. However, Popeyes' employees were fast-acting and able to lock the suspects out prior to the breach. Also, the report stated that these attempted robbery suspects arrived in an SUV and also had a baby in the vehicle, who was left inside the truck during the attempted attack. ABC and Fox 4 offered conflicting statements regarding the vehicle's details. Fox stated the SUV was allegedly a blue Chevy Tahoe — while ABC said it was black.

Nevertheless, Fox 4 noted that the Popeyes incident happened around 8:45 PM.

Once one of the attempted robbers pulled out a gun at the door, Popeyes employees reportedly escaped from the back of the building. Fortunately, no one was injured at the Popeyes location. However, according to the latest updates, the attempted robbery suspects are still at large.

Chicken sandwich customers vs. common sense & bearings

While we all fall subject to our internal cravings at times — and although we realize the power of social media influence — these recent reactions to chicken just aren't logical. It's as if some Popeyes customers have lost all bearings and grips on reality. This is the same chicken their customers have been eating the entire time — but boneless.

People, it's just a chicken sandwich. It is simply, and only, a sandwich — literally one piece of chicken between two buns, no matter how buttered and battered. If you want this Popeyes chicken sandwich so badly, it's an easy fix. If you email Popeyes for their ingredient list, they have to supply it.

You can very well create your own chicken sandwich at home — as many as you can stomach. For example, without going into Popeyes-specific ingredients and processes, people could try the following:

  • Mince a chicken breast, then pack it together along with appropriate seasonings.
  • Dip the packed meat in melted butter, then flop it in seasoned bread batter.
  • Place it in your skillet. Flip it over, frying to your liking.
  • Butter your burger buns.
  • Put the freshly fried chicken between those buns, accompanied by any dressings and fixings.
  • Eat it. Repeat the process as desired.

No long lines. No arguments. No fights. No robberies. No stereotypes. Just simple common sense and decency. This entire fiasco has become an embarrassment.