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This most recent news in the "Joshua Brown" case seems like a character assassination. The timing couldn't be more perfect, right? To paraphrase a diabolical saying: "If you can't change the person, change the way people view the person." Joshua Brown was a key witness in the case against Botham Jean's killer Amber Guyger. But, here's what people didn't really know. Joshua was also supposed to testify against the Dallas Police Department. Now, suddenly, "he's a drug dealer?" Interesting.

I'll circle back to this later.

Joshua Brown was found dead Friday, October 4, approximately around 10:30 PM. According to Dallas Morning News, multiple suspects drove from Alexandria, Louisiana to Dallas, Texas to purchase drugs from Brown. That's over 300 miles — one way.

Suspects must've thought Joshua Brown was 'plug of the year'

Okay. Let's hypothetically say that Joshua's drug accusations are legit. Are we really expected to believe that these particular suspects risked "drug trafficking" for 300 miles — across state lines — for a few ounces of marijuana they could've picked up somewhere in Louisiana? A lot of goofballs, traffic offenses can be committed in 300 miles. Who would risk that for a few ounces of weed?

Crossing state lines with drugs is a federal offense.

Well, reportedly, the suspects got into an argument with Joshua Brown and everything escalated to his death. According to Dallas Morning News, DPD assist chief Avery Moore stated they've identified the following suspects:

  • Thaddeus Charles Green, 22 (the alleged shooter)
  • Jacquerious Mitchell, 20
  • and Michael Diaz Mitchell, 32.

Note: Supposedly, authorities were granted a warrant to search Joshua Brown's apartment and allegedly found:

  • 12 pounds of marijuana
  • 143 grams of THC cartridges
  • and $4,000 in cash.

Nevertheless, the suspect who shot Joshua Brown must've had uncanny marksmanship, because initial reports noted that the key witness was shot in the mouth and in the chest.

Civil attorney S.

Lee Merritt, Esq. mentioned immediate Joshua Brown's family members stated that the medical examiner verified those ballistic locations. Yet, since then, those alleged wounds have been recanted. Now, it's said that Joshua was shot in his "lower body," according to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. Nevertheless, Merritt said he was contacted by someone who administered aide to Joshua Brown's buttocks and side.

But Joshua Brown had several concerns prior to his killing

As earlier mentioned, Brown was set to testify against the Dallas Police Department in the wrongful-death lawsuit from Botham Jean's family.

The New York Post reported that the family's suit concerns Amber Guyger's lack of "adequate training" by the department. Joshua was set to be Merritt's first testimony. But according to another New York Post publication, Joshua Brown feared for his safety and fled to California. He didn't want to testify in a public trial after surviving a 2018 shooting. However, New York Post reported that prosecutors hounded Brown — while allegedly threatening jail time if he did not return.

In the following clip, you can hear Judge Tammy Kemp state, "I'm surprised he came."

The report stated that Brown spoke with Judge Kemp in her chambers regarding his concerns.

Yet, they still put him on the stand. Merritt says that authorities failed to protect Joshua Brown in a similar manner that they protected an undercover officer who testified during the trial. For the undercover cop, they restricted cameras and basically put an unofficial gag order on media, preventing them from reporting the testimony. But, Brown didn't get the same treatment.

So, of course, there are mounds of speculation against the Dallas Police Department and Joshua Brown's death. Assistant Chief Moore denounced all notions that there's any tie to Joshua's killing. Yet, many in the public just aren't buying it. There seem to be far too many connections and "endorsements" within the presiding judge, alone.

Judge Tammy Kemp just happens to be sorority sisters with DPD Chief U. Renee Hall — Amber's boss?

It just so happens that Judge Tammy Kemp is "proudly endorsed" by the Dallas Police Association?

This is like the equivalent of the National Rifle Association (NRA) — but for Dallas police officers.

For someone with so many ties and conflicts of interests, why was she chosen to judge the Botham Jean / Amber Guyger case — given the fact that Guyger is her sorority sister's subordinate? It doesn't make sense, right? Maybe someone was trying to have a foot in the door? "It's not what you know; it's who you know," correct?

Unfortunately, Joshua Brown paid the ultimate price for trying to do the right thing — helping put Amber Guyger behind bars for her murder.

But as a further kick in the groin, she only received a 10-year sentence — with the possibility of getting out in five. Honestly ask yourself, "Who does five years on a murder conviction and gets out?" Who is even given that option, ever?