Fans might well-remember that each of the cast members from the original series “Breaking Amish” hit road bumps along the way to self-discovery and venturing into a world that veered significantly from their religious upbringing. Seeing anyone in emotional pain is difficult, even if it makes for good reality show drama.

Of all the stars on the original show, and now its spinoff “Return to Amish,” which is broadcast on TLC, Sabrina Burkholder appears to be on a roller coaster. Her life, at times, seems to be going well, plateaus until it hits another cycle of peaks and valleys.

TLC cast member's life looks like lacking direction

Now, please make no mistake about it: Life has been trial-and-error for the cast members of both TLC shows, but Sabrina’s experiences seem really bad. She totally lacks a life coach, counseling, or some direction to help her steer a course for herself that leads her to find stability, sustaining sobriety, and feeling content.

Still Jeremiah will do as he has in the past, picking bones

In the season opener of “Return to Amish” on November 18, the anguish of making the decision to allow her husband’s sister to adopt her daughters turns to another one of co-star Jeremiah Raber’s bones to pick with Sabrina.

The dynamic between the co-stars appears to leave Sabrina emotionally raw, when she is still reeling and vulnerable. She needs a friend, not a critic.

Amish and English worlds collide

Jeremiah pretty much put it out to the universe that Sabrinachose heroin over her daughters,” Oakley and Arianna, In Touch Weekly reported on November 19.

Really, Jeremiah? She, of all people, is aware of her past actions and her legal troubles that flowed from addiction.

Not every cast member has a supportive mother, as does Abe Schmucker from “Breaking Amish.” His mother, Mary, has shown the definition and exuded the application of unconditional love for a child. He is an adult all right, but he is still his mother’s child.

Mary, as a result of not wanting to lose or shun her son and his wife, Rebecca, tries living with a foot in both worlds: The Amish and the English (as contemporary society outside the Amish community is often referenced by cast members). Something had to give. She was shunned.

Reality star was adopted by Mennonites

Sabrina did not have the luxury of even knowing her birth parents. She was placed and adopted in a community where she did not feel as if she was accepted or fit the mold of the Mennonites. Given the opportunity to explore outside the community, she seized the chance. And: Why not? It was six years ago that she left.

The heart of the problem seems to be: There is no simple solution or reason things happened as they have for Sabrina.

The aspect that is clear, however, is that she lacked guidance or someone to help her navigate as she made her way in the English world.

Co-star throws addition into the picture

While Sabrina and Jeremiah rehashed her past drug abuse and he threw the fact that she clearly had a problem with heroin, she told him, and fans probably can just about hear her say it without even needing to watch her say it: She believed that allowing her children to be adopted by her sister-in-law was better for them than staying with her. She stated that her decision “was the best thing to do for them.”

Jeremiah, however, could not let the argument rest. He went “there,” thrusting her heroin addiction in her face. Honestly, does he believe that she does not realize that that drug is the root of some of her major problems?

After she told him that she made the decision that she thought was the best for her girls, he retorted, “Or was it because you couldn’t stop doing the heroin?” Making such a statement to someone who is already in pain and struggling is not helpful at all. As mentioned previously, she could really use a friend who is non-judgmental.

Fans pick up mixed signals, meaning so does Sabrina

Plus, let us broach the proverbial elephant of a topic: Jeremiah, for the longest time, has sent Sabrina mixed signals specifically about their relationship. He has appeared flirtatious with her, at times, an antagonist with her at others, and on-and-off appearing to want the tension that even jumps out beyond the cameras and feels agitating to fans.

The likelihood is that Sabrina knows it, too. In the premiere episode, the tension crescendos with Sabrina “spitting on Jeremiah,” as Starcasm reported.

Jeremiah did a confessional and stated that his co-star is putting her children through what she experienced: Adoption. There is a huge difference; Sabrina knows the person who adopted her girls.

In other news

In recent reality television news, Meri Brown of "Sister Wives" seems to have made Thanksgiving cooking difficult due to kitchen chaos. Additional news apart from Reality TV is that authorities are working to find a way to affect the recovery of American missionary John Allen Chau's body. He was reportedly killed on November 16 with bows and arrows on Sentinel Island. Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for the latest information.