"Sister Wives" fans know that Meri Brown and the rest of the family relocated from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona this year. Actually, rumors came out that Meri wouldn't go to Flagstaff. However, she put that to rest, noting they were all just rumors and nothing more. Later, she shared a photo of all the boxes stacked up awaiting unpacking. However, it looks like that chore never got finished as her kitchen seemed a bit chaotic for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

'Sister Wives' move to Flagstaff causes a bit of chaos

Meri Brown's been so busy what with the move, spending time with her daughter in Chicago, and doing her Christmas shopping.

Meri loves nothing more than heading off on a road trip. She posted several photos in the past months showing her off doing things. But, she may have left it a bit too late when it comes to unpacking the kitchen boxes. Thanksgiving dinner seemed to be a bit of a hard mission for her. She took to her Instagram to share a photo.

"Sister Wives" fans read her caption, which was, "The chaos of the kitchen when I still haven't completely unpacked, and yet I need to find the essentials for cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!" As is usual these days, her hashtags were all upbeat, as she embraces a new and happy philosophy. Fans fully support the way she's turning her life around.

Not so many tears for Meri these days!

Meri Brown's Thanksgiving kitchen

As you can see from the Instagram picture below, Meri wasn't joking about how hard it must be to cook in a kitchen mostly filled with boxes. Most of the space was taken up by boxes and tucked away in the corner lay the dog. Fans sympathized as some of them also moved and never finished the unpacking chore.

Some fans of "Sister Wives" asked if the plural family would eat in separate houses this year. Others wondered where on earth the turkey would go!

However, most followers wished her well for Thanksgiving. Actually, she has followers from all over the world.and well-wishers for a successful and happy Thanksgiving came from Spain, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Others came from Sweden and Russia, as well as from the USA. Some of them wondered what was on the menu, especially when they spied a carton of Carnation evaporated milk.

Supportive fans love Meri

Meri Brown has many supportive fans, and they love the way she's emerged from her personal issues stronger than ever. She lost weight, took up painting, and took control of her life. In past seasons, poor Meri cried a lot. Things went bad with Kody Brown, plus the divorce to accommodate Robyn's kids hurt her as well. The catfishing incident even caused issues between her and her daughter. However, she moved on and this year, she certainly has lots of personal growth to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

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