5 celebratory days that fall on November 24

You might still be getting over Thanksgiving but there are some other special days that bear watching.

There are people out there who always want to celebrate a holiday, a national day or other celebratory days. The good news is that there is a special every day. Several interesting days fall on November 24.


D.B. Cooper Day

It was November 24, 1971 that D.B. Cooper went missing. Over 40 years later his disappearance is still a mystery. People note the day every year.


International Aura Awareness Day

The people who first created this day believe that people are surrounded by a kind of energy field that reflects their mood, health age and other aspects. They created the day to raise awareness of these auras.


National Sardines Day

There isn't a ton of mystery as to just what this is all about. It's simply a celebration of sardines.


Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

This one is also not a real mystery. It's simply a way for people to show off what they can do. It's also a day where the creators hope people will all feel as though they have a unique talent.


Brownielocks Day

This is, quite simply, a way for brunettes to celebrate the fact that they are brunettes.

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