Last night on a new episode of "Return to Amish," Matt Bristol showed up again. Matt was on "Breaking Amish: LA." On this season, they brought in another group of Amish kids that were ready to move on, but this show didn't last the way that the one with the original cast has lasted. He came to a Tupperware party that Mama Mary was having for Sabrina. Matt sat down with Sabrina and revealed that he is gay. He figured she had already heard the news, but if she had, then she didn't admit to it.

Matt Bristol's big confession comes out

Matt Bristol started talking to Sabrina and told her that he is gay.

She gave him a high five and took the news great. It didn't bother her at all. Matt admitted that he is now coming out to people from his past. Now that it is on television, most of them will find out though. Matt shared that he does have a boyfriend that lives in New York. Sabrina even revealed she has kind of always wanted a gay friend and it looks like she has one now.

He admitted that it had been a rough couple of years. Sabrina asked about how his dad dealt with it, but he told him that is his life and he is happy for him, even though he didn't bring him up that way. Matt admitted that there are a lot of pretty boys in New York. Sabrina wasn't shy about acting questions about everything including sex.

The thing is it doesn't look like the viewers will ever get to see Matt's boyfriend on reality television.

Matt Bristol said that he has found a great group of people. It was great to see him admitting who he is and talking to Sabrina about everything. She is now hoping that she can find great people to support her the way that he has been able to do.

When Matt Bristol was on "Breaking Amish: LA," there was a bit of speculation that he might be gay, but he never admitted to it. At that time, he had just started leaving the Mennonite community so already coming out as gay at the same time might have been really hard for him. There is no word yet if Matt is going to continue to show up on new episodes of "Return to Amish," but the fans would love to see him.

It was nice to get an update from someone that was on the other series. Katie Ann also showed up on this episode which made fans happy to get to see her again and find out she is still living an English lifestyle.

Are you shocked to hear that Matt Bristol is gay? Did you expect him to come out before? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" on Sunday nights on TLC.