Jenelle Evans followed in her son Kaiser’s footsteps. Kaiser, 4, recently underwent surgery, an Adenoidectomy. His adenoids were removed and tubes were inserted in his ears to augment his hearing. Janelle’s little boy reportedly had hearing issues, along with feeling ill a lot, prior to his surgery. As he is on the road to recovery, so, too, is his mom, Jenelle, who had surgery on October 8, according to Café Mom and Radar Online.

Jenelle did not know in advance she was having invasive surgery

The “Teen Mom 2” star went to have her sinuses drained, according to Radar Online but ended up having emergency surgery, which was invasive.

Jenelle reportedly experienced recurrent sinus infections “over the past few months.” As Café Mom noted, it is hoped that the star has an optimal outcome and that surgery “ultimately brings” Jenelle relief.

Reality star felt ‘miserable’ day after surgery

Jenelle shared an update with her social media followers on October 9. The day after her surgery, she captioned a photo of herself with the comment that she felt “miserable.” Her nose was wrapped in bandages in the accompanying picture she posted on her Instagram account.

The MTV star and mother of three has had two surgeries in as many years. Last year, Café Mom pointed out that Jenelle had surgery to repair a hernia. Now, with the recent surgery behind her, and with Kaiser’s surgery done, maybe both will feel better soon and not have to face any additional surgical procedures for a long time to come – if at all.

Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, not happy about missed visits

In additional, Kaiser-related news, his dad, Nathan Griffith is not happy with the amount of time he has been able to visit with his son. Nathan and Jenelle should ideally be co-parenting their son, ensuring that he has the best each parent may offer with their presence in his life.

Instead of spending quality time with Kaiser, it appears that each parent is set on making life harder for the other, which may inevitably have effects on their Kaiser. Children are very intuitive. When parents are stressed, a child can sense something is not right.

Kaiser should not have a worry in the world

Jenelle definitely appears to be a loving and attentive mother, despite what people say on social media.

Many people do appear hyper-critical, only focusing on every nit-picking detail they see captured on-screen by MTV. Each episode of “Teen Mom 2,” after all, only depicts a snippet of time in the lives of each star. Fans and followers do not really know Jenelle or everything that goes on in her day-to-day life.

But one thing that is certain is that Kaiser should be able to enjoy just being a little boy without a care or worry in the world. Nathan’s complaint is that Jenelle manages to find ways to prevent him from seeing his son during his visitation time. If true, then, that’s a legitimate problem.

MTV mom took children to Walt Disney World

Nathan was recently upset by the fact that Jenelle took Kaiser to Walt Disney World during what should have been time the little boy spent with his father.

Okay, but really? Jenelle also took Jace and Ensley on the trip. Who would want one of their children to miss out while the siblings were able to enjoy the theme park?

Taking Kaiser, his brother, and his sister to the Disney park in Florida does not seem to indicate malice, but doing so without first clearing it with Nathan seems to reflect an ongoing communication problem and fine-tuning details surrounding visitations. Work it out, already, for Kaiser’s sake.

The latest on MTV's "Teen Mom OG" is that Ryan Edwards entered rehab not long before his son, Jagger Ryan Edwards was born on October 10. The former "Teen Mom OG" was with the reality show until he and his wife quit. He reportedly wants to exit rehab early.

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