Ryan Edwards, formerly from “Teen Mom OG,” seems likely to have missed the birth of his son, his first child, with his wife Mackenzie Standifer. He is currently in a rehab treatment facility located in Alabama. His wife delivered the couple’s baby boy on October 10, according to US Weekly. The publication also noted that “it is unclear” whether Edwards was “present” when his son, Jagger Ryan Edwards, was born.

Throughout his tenure on the MTV reality show, Edwards has been plagued with problems resulting from drug use. His ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his son Bentley, 9, contends that “favorite drug is heroin,” the Celebrity Insider reported.

Former reality star chose to enter rehab

Edwards’ current treatment evolved from the choice he made to check himself in for assistance in addressing his drug issues, US Weekly noted. Fans are relieved that another arrest did not precipitate his treatment this time.

He was arrested twice this year, according to US Weekly. Edwards’ first arrest was in March. He reportedly violated conditions of his probation related to a prior “heroin possession charge.” Edwards’ attributed his arrest to failing to submit to a mandatory, periodic drug test.

In July, Edwards faced another arrest.

He faced criminal counts of heroin possession with the possibility of his probation being revoked. A week later, he was released from jail. He was mandated to submit to random drug tests and finish a half-year of probation. One charge was dropped.

Ex-cast member seemed under the influence while driving

“Teen Mom” OG fans and social media followers may very likely recall seeing Edwards when in an episode of the seemed to be under the influence of an unknown substance captured on tape by MTV, which had a camera mounted in the vehicle that he was driving.

He nodded off while behind the wheel, driving with Standifer on the way to their wedding. She appeared to turn off the camera. Despite his drug issues, Standifer and Edwards exchanged vows.

Two-year restraining order granted for former girlfriend

Maci, his ex-girlfriend, and her husband, Taylor McKinney, were granted a two-year order of protection.

Edwards reportedly threatened to shoot McKinney in the head. For her family’s protection, Maci filed for and obtained the restraining order.

Expectant father in rehab until early 2019

Edwards will be in rehab until early 2019. His projected release date is “February “at the earliest,” the Celebrity Insider reported. Standifer, 21, moved in with her parents. Both her mom and her aunt might have been in the delivery room with Edwards’ wife.

Café Mom pointedly stated that rather than having to focus on Edwards’ and his drug problems, Standifer should have been “dreaming of baby names.” While she also has a son, who is 4, from a previous relationship, the birth of her baby shared with Edwards is no less special.

The upside is that Edwards’ stay in rehab is something he chose before his newborn son arrived.

Couple left MTV earlier this year

The former reality show couple parted ways with MTV in July. Standifer made the claim that the network did not want to depict her husband from the standpoint as a “recovering addict,” US Weekly pointed out.

For his well-being, and for his family, fans are hoping that Edwards’ is successful in his efforts to free himself from drugs. For now, his wife and his father, Larry, have not offered any public comment about Edwards or his status.

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