Nasty Nature: 5 harmless-looking flowers that can kill you

Although flowers beautify our gardens, some are deceptive and can kill in a horrifying way.


Calla Lily

This beautiful flower can be found in South Africa. Due to the calcium oxalate contained in it, a tiny dose of it can be deadly and can cause needle-like crystals to project inside the internal organs such as the kidney.


Naked Lady

Naked Lady can be found in Europe and New Zealand. When ingested, it results in a slow and painful death. The poison contained in this harmless looking flower is known as colchicine. This chemical shuts down the body’s vital functions and leaves the victim conscious while they battle with the unbearable symptoms associated with it. This continues until death finally occurs.


Suicide Tree

Suicide tree can be found in India. When ingested, the toxin contained in it stops the heart from beating, thereby resulting in a coma. According to Lolwot, the duration of action of this plant is one hour. Surprisingly, after the death of the victim, the chemical cannot be traced. For this reason, many people use it as a murder weapon.

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