Neither disgraced former South Carolina State Treasurer and ex-Bravo star Thomas Ravenel nor his sometimes girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, have any friends from the reality show “Southern Charm.” Jacobs actually wants to return to the network program, according to People. She hopes to redeem herself and allow viewers to see the other side of her personality.

There are a couple of huge problems with Jacobs’ ambition of making her way back onto the show. Cast members do not like her. She dug herself a gaping hole in the non-friend zone when she lambasted Kathryn Dennis, who is Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend.

Fans of Bravo network’s popular program, along with its burgeoning social media followers, recall that Ravenel did not as much as attempt to put an end to Jacobs hurling insults at Kathryn, the mother of his two small children, son Saint and daughter Kensie. Disturbing most aptly describes the scenario that played out before viewers when the attack against Kathryn episode aired.

Ravenel’s GF called mother of his children ‘egg donor’

Ashley spewed that Kathryn is nothing more than an “egg donor.” What? Ravenel failed to remind his then-girlfriend (because they were definitely an item at that time) that she was debasing his children’s mother. How evident it was to everyone who made note that Ravenel appreciates all the pain and the labor Kathryn went through to bring his children into the world.

Former reality star’s apology rang hollow

Though Ashley rendered an apology on Instagram, her words rang hollow to many fans.

Kathryn also did not take the bait. She dismissed Ashley’s words. Kathryn was probably right on the money for blowing off what appeared to be a disingenuous apology. She was not invited to film for the upcoming season of “Southern Charm” at the time she penned the words. Bravo still has not extended an invite to her.

Flaws with Ashley possibly returning to Bravo

Ashley, however, is not one to give up quite so easily. She told media outlets that she would very much like for Bravo to ask her back. Like most people, she probably does have a multi-dimensional personality. In the event that the network were to reclaim Ashley, considering her a part of the cast, the situation would be fraught with a major flaw. None of the other stars want her around, which would limit scenes that could be taped including her.

GF is supporting Thomas Ravenel, accused of attacking nanny

Additionally, in the #MeToo era, Ashley is sticking by Ravenel, supporting him as he faces allegations of criminal conduct reportedly committed against a nanny he employed to care for his children, Celebrity Insider reported.

Ravenel stands accused by law enforcement of assault and battery reported by nanny Dawn. (She has only been identified as Dawn in media.)

Seeking to regain spot on ‘Southern Charm’

The issue does not rest on supporting Ravenel through his legal drama. The core problem centers on the appearance of Ashley’s indifference about whether Ravenel even attacked his former nanny. It is uncertain whether Jacobs is genuine in her support for Ravenel or if it is a ploy, keeping her name in the news. Let’s face the fact that she is, after all, seeking to regain a spot on “Southern Charm.” With her name in the media, the casting staff is less likely to miss seeing her name.

Toxic relationships turn off viewers

Bravo booted Ravenel the day of his arrest. He definitely will not film for the reality show this upcoming season. No word has been offered by Bravo, yet, about Ashley. If brought back by Bravo, what is her storyline? Defending her sometimes boyfriend, seeking to make a case for him without a trial, and trying to sway public opinion? A good guess might be that many fans and viewers would tune out. Ashley and Ravenel do not come across as very likeable on-screen.

Their blend of toxicity in a relationship is what most people seek to avoid. Ravenel’s social media rants are well-known by social media followers. A mere three days before he was arrested in September, he flew into a tirade about nearly everyone in his closest “Southern Charm” circle of friends. Ashley was not exempt from the unfurling of his anger.

Even after ranting about her on social media, Ashley is, reportedly, once again back with Ravenel.

An aspect of women’s empowerment is avoiding men who go off on women – regardless of whether the man feels provoked. It is disheartening to see a woman not only support a man accused of crimes against a woman, without all the facts, but to stay in a relationship with a man who publicly humiliates himself and seeks to degrade people around him, including his girlfriend.

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