Sister Wives: Janelle Brown shares karaoke fun photos at the Brown's house

One thing about Kody Brown, his family is big enough for the whole family to have a big night out by staying in.


"Sister Wives": Janelle Brown took to her Instagram account Saturday night to share that Kody Brown's family had a lot of fun. The family's big enough that they managed a fun night out by staying in. Janelle captioned her post as, "Karaoke night at The Browns #singlikenooneislistening #familytime."


Karaoke night at The Browns

The "Sister Wives" Brown family stayed in and had a Karaoke night this weekend. Janelle, Kody, and the kids looked like they had a blast. Fans liked the post that Janelle shared on Instagram.


Smiles from the kids

Janelle didn't share photos of the adults singing, but she managed to capture the little ones loving it. Some fans asked Janelle if she has any video of the fun night at the Brown's home. They asked her to share it, if she has.


One has to wonder why everyone looks like they're laughing hysterically

All the faces in this photo look like the family is laughing fit to cry. Family bonding with laughter is always wonderful to see.

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