Surprise division leaders in college football

Northwestern is leading the way in the Big Ten. - [Footballnation / YouTube screencap]
Northwestern is leading the way in the Big Ten. - [Footballnation / YouTube screencap]

The college football season has brought quite a few surprises. That includes some division leaders I didn't see coming.

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When the 2018 college football season started, I did not expect these teams to be where they are. Now, they are looking at competing for conference titles with just a few weeks to go in the season. Check out the top surprise division leaders so far.


Virginia Cavaliers (ACC Coastal)

In a division with Miami and Virginia Tech, the Virginia Cavaliers weren't really expected to compete for a bowl game, let alone the division. Sitting at 6-2 on the year, and 4-1 in conference, they're sitting pretty. With a win over Miami, the Cavs control their own destiny. It won't be an easy road, but they take on their closest competitors, including Virginia Tech, and can head to the ACC championship game if they take care of business.


Northwestern Wildcats (Big Ten West)

In a division with Iowa and Wisconsin, the Wildcats weren't given much chance to be where they are. Northwestern is 5-1 in conference and just knocked off the Badgers. In two weeks, they'll take on Iowa. Beat the Hawkeyes and they're in the catbird seat.

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