LP, BW: 5 Tori Roloff Insta-story pics, Dwarfism Month, offers live vid with Zach, Baby J

Tori Roloff took to her Instagram to note that Dwarfism may not always be understood and asked if fans would like a live video done.


Tori Roloff announces that it's Dwarfism Month in the USA

Tori Roloff took to Instagram to remind fans of "LP, BW" that it's Dwarfism month. It was also announced by the Little People of America organization.


Tori is mom to Little People, Big World Baby Jackson

Tori Roloff's son Jackson, also known as Baby J, has dwarfism, so she knows all about it. But, she knows some people worry they may have a baby like Jackson.


Fans and followers invited to ask questions.

Tori noted that people may have questions about the condition. Her story showed that fans should choose green for "yes" or red for "no."


Roloff family touches lives

The story of the Roloff family touches lives. Tori acknowleged that. While she said that for her, living with Dwarfism is her "normal," she knows other people may have issues dealing with it. She reminded people that the "Little People Big World" show is about bringing dwarfism awareness.


Live video by Zach and Tori Roloff on Dwarfism

In her final part of the story, Tori asked if fans had those questions, would they like a live video by her, Baby J, and Zach? That is such a nice offer. "Little People, Big World" fans and those people interested in Dwarfism will surely take her up on her offer.

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