5 animated movies that will never lose their charm

Animated movies are always a big draw with audiences irrespective of their age and country, and will remain crowd-pullers for a long time.

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The Lion King 1994

This is a Disney movie and is about a lion cub crown prince who grows up learning the dangers of survival. He finally gains confidence to take the place of his father. It is a masterpiece from all aspects of story, music and animation and will always keep the audience spellbound.


Ratatouille 2007

This is a superb plot where a rat steals the show. It takes over the responsibility of training a young kitchen worker to become a master chef of a famous restaurant. Rats are despised, especially in the kitchen, but in this movie, a rat saves the day for the young man.


Finding Nemo

The story is about a clownfish who embarks on a journey to rescue his son Nemo and bring him home. Nemo was captured from the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney. The movie depicts emotions and is another example of how animation can bring to life the story of a fish.



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