WWE 2K19 Ratings: Top 5 women's superstars in 2K19 game

These WWE women's division stars rank the highest of any female competitors in the new '2K19' game.


Ronda Rousey - 87

Let's face it, the WWE is quite high on "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey. Even though she wasn't a pure wrestling star, she's brought her MMA style to the ring. She's also won over fans fast and captured the WWE Raw Women's title in a dominant run. Still, is she deserving of a better rating than women's legends? Time will tell.


Charlotte Flair - 85

Flair is one of five WWE women's stars in this game who holds an 85 rating, but "The Queen" takes No. 2 based on resume. She's also got the wrestling lineage thanks to her legendary dad. Charlotte continues to set new records and win titles. There's already rumors she's due for the next Women's Royal Rumble win.


Trish Stratus - 85

One of the women who really started off the women's revolution way before it was even a phrase. Stratus was an early fan-favorite and a skilled performer. Unfortunately, she was stuck in the Attitude Era and sometimes subjected to cheap gimmicks or storylines. To this date, she remains a women's legend, though.


Beth Phoenix - 85

"The Glamazon" is among recent women's Hall of Fame inductees. Beth had two women's championship reigns and one run with the WWE Divas title. During her career, she also defeated Santino Marella in a match, and was an entrant in the men's Royal Rumble match. Phoenix showed pure strength and dominance throughout her WWE matches.


Alexa Bliss/Alundra Blayze - 85

It's a tie, but only because Blaze had such importance way back when, in terms of dominant women in the business. Bliss put her stamp on the business within the past several years. She's become one of the all-time best women's heels and has multiple title reigns as well. She's already looking like a Hall of Famer.

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