Jana Duggar, Laura DeMasie, and Jessa Duggar Seewald appeared to have fun when they dined at Noodles, which is in Fay, Arkansas, according to In Touch Weekly. Jessa captured the outing with a photo, which she shared on Instagram.

In the photo that Jessa posted on social media, Laura evidenced that she has quite a sense of humor and is in-step with the times. Jana’s BFF “playfully stuck her tongue” while Jana smiled and eyed the camera, OK! Magazine reported. Jessa added emjoies with heart-shaped eyes, captioning, “These two.”

Best friends is all there is to it

Stop with the gossip about Jana and her status with Laura.

The two women are best friends. Period. Each time Jana and Laura enjoy time together, the undertone persists about their relationship. The topic has been recycled more times than a plastic bottle that made its way from a distant shore to a raincoat or tire. It’s worn.

Laura squashed the rumor on social media. She flat-out stated that there is no romantic dating going on with Jana. Do the people alleging there is more to their relationship than friendship comprehend how annoying and potentially hurtful it is to someone to blather endlessly about another person, most especially when the topic of obsession involves someone’s sexual orientation?

Long gone are the days when people thought it was their place to “out” someone. It’s no one’s business, unless someone chooses to bring such a personal topic to bear.

BFFs having fun signals strength

Single women who are BFFs having fun together, socializing, is something people should support, not seek to make into more than the situation presents.

In actuality, Jana and Laura spending time together is a sign of two strong women whose friendship has sustained in the face of rumor-mongers. "Take that, haters," could very well be the message.

Offensive speculation about sexual orientation

Many people were offended, and rightfully so, when Jana’s brother-in-law, Derick Dillard, made disparaging remarks about TLC star, Jazz Jennings, and also about Nate Berkus and his partner.

Oddly, many of the same people continuously strive to impart the idea, which was blown to shreds by Laura, that Jana might be gay. Get off it.

Jana is not a tool that Duggar family critics seek as a counter to her family’s conservative beliefs and values. Duggar Family haters would just love for Jana or one of her siblings to come out gay. That would deliver a twisted form of satisfaction and that is, somehow, less offensive than Dillard’s direct statements? Please.

Duggar family did raise children to get along

Despite any objection that a Duggar family critic may raise, family matriarch, Jim Bob, and wife Michelle must have done some things right. How many families in the U.S. have children who don’t even speak to one another and just cannot seem to get along – no matter what.

And, yet, here is a family that produced 19 children who seem to have no major problems interacting. They even socialize with one another. Now, isn’t that something.

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