Jana Duggar’s close friend Laura DeMasie took on the rumor mill on directly about people continually suggesting that the two of them might be involved in a romantic relationship. She responded on Twitter in the most straightforward manner by answering for herself, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on September 25. In a word, she said, “No.”

“Duggar obsessives” is how Radar Online described people on September 24 who speculate about everything Duggar. Jana’s sexual orientation just so happens to be one of the topics that they cannot seem to let go.

Sisters married young so fans expect the same for Jana

It is a well-known fact that Jana’s younger sisters Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna married well before reaching their 30s, which is the age that Jana is nearing. Okay, so they are married and have started their own families but is that a reason to make Jana’s sexual orientation the focus of so much public attention? Duggar obsessives just strikes as so unfitting. Why not simply be happy for the Duggar daughters who are married? Appreciate the fact that Jana's sister Jinger, for instance, is celebrating a milestone. Baby Felicity Nicole Vuolo just turned two-months-old.

Initially, someone on Twitter took the question about Jana and Laura and whether the two are dating to Derick Dillard as if he is an expert on Jana and her life.

Though he appeared to offer a rather direct answer, tweeting, “Uh no,” a different Twitter platform account users thought his wording left too much room for the possibility of his sister-in-law dating one of her best friends.

Laura DeMasie takes on the dating question

Enough was enough.

Laura decided to address the question. “How about this then: No,” she tweeted, according to a report by Soap Dirt published on September 25. Sometimes, though, a subject is so intrusive and so outlandish that to continually fixate drives home the point that Radar Online makes in designating some people as Duggar obsessives.

The one fact fans need is already known - Jana is not married

The three-word phrase that might come to many people’s minds, among those are not nearly as prying into the Duggars’ lives is: Get over it. Soap Dirt also makes an excellent point in stating that it is entirely possible that Jana could be walking “to the beat of a different drum.” Too, the article pointed out that Jana (and her relatives, as well) should not be pressured or expected by others to provide an explanation. The simple fact is that she is not married.

Women seek to harvest information about Jana’s and relationships

One of the most perplexing aspects of the question about Jana’s sexual orientation is that it is predominantly women who are camping on the topic of Jana’s potential love life and recycling it periodically – and actually to the point of tedium.

One might think that women would be more accepting and understanding of another woman’s ability to choose for herself when and whether to get married, regardless of her background.

Another bothersome reality is that for all the people who seem to care a bit much about Jana’s relationship status and seem to believe that they understand her values, based on her upbringing, they slight the fact that she has spoken about the potential for a relationship and marriage in the past. Yes, she envisions getting married and having children one day but only if it is a man who is ideal for her.

Life expectancy generally extends many more years than it did decades ago. Jana has plenty of time to do as she wants with her life. People, give it a rest.

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