Think what you want about Jill Duggar Dillard, yet it might not be wise to underestimate that she is a woman who is much stronger than many people choose to realize. When people are criticized and trolled to the extent that seems to trail Duggar Family members’ posting on social media, the tendency is to clap back at the trolls. There is no sign of that happening, however, when it comes to Jill. Goodness knows, her Instagram account certainly appears to draw an endless supply of trolls, who mask themselves as critics.

Jill is living her life, occasionally sharing on social media

Jill is doing Jill. She is going about her life, raising her sons, and sharing periodic photos and updates with her real fans and social media followers. There is a likelihood that she has discovered that the best approach to using social media is to ignore the comments left by people who care more about their own thoughts than does anyone else. Heck, responding to them certainly won’t cure their compulsion to take cheap shots at nearly everything she may do or state. Instead, they are prone to pounce harder. Yes, it’s best to brush aside the mean-spirited comments.

Boys in the bath, book-in-hand, and boundaries

Jill recently posted a photo of her little boys, Israel and Sam, during their bath time.

Their bathwater is orange. How absolutely perfect for the season and the fall colors it brings. Not to worry, folks, no oranges were harmed in the process of dyeing the bathwater. She used food coloring. And, for the critical observers, the coloring will not stain her children for life. It was just a fun thing to do.

While her sons played in the bath, as children tend to do, she was mindful of them while she also casually read a book on setting boundaries.

Good for her! One must do so when encountering the number of people who watch her life like nobody’s business.

While giving the book a look-see once in a while, she had her eye on her sons, who were not left unattended.

The title of her reading material was irrelevant to Instagram followers who do not want her to do anything but keep her eyes peeled on her sons.

Judging a book by its cover is a mistake

As hard as it might be to believe, “People even judged the book she was reading,” Café Mom reported. Then, probably one of the best clap backs to find its way to publication by a media source was relayed: “What does this person want,” adding the rhetorical question about whether they want Jill “to pick up a copy of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’” Brilliant! (I wish that I would have thought of that.)

The book’s theme, about boundaries, might be a beneficial read for Jill, In Touch Weekly reported. To further her individuation from her parent's rules and restrictions (in terms of fashion and relationships), knowing and establishing her own limits and “boundaries” could enhance Jill’s life.

Fault-finding critics doing as they dislike

Duggar family critics might not see it the same way, though. Many are attempting the precise thing that they so much object to believing went on while Jill and her siblings were being raised by parents Jim Bob and Michelle.

By trying to tell Jill what she should and should not do, they are endeavoring to impart their ways onto her. That is controlling. Good for Jill for not enabling social media users to get under her skin. The ability to shrug off the online anti-Duggar faction might even run in the family.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has received more than a fair share of trolls, who complain about nearly all that she does, too, with her baby girl, Felicity Nicole.

Among the married Duggar siblings, it is not easy to discern if the family rebel is Jill or whether John David has stepped into the distinction of being the rule-breaker. Regardless, it seems that the adult Duggar children are making their own way in life. They certainly do not need others to make the path more difficult.

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