Death's head shaped "grinning skull" asteroid 2015 TB145 isn't planning a Halloween visit to planet Earth this year. In 2015, the visitor from outer space zoomed by at "301,986 miles (486,000 kilometers) away," Live Science reported. But this year, the chunk of rock which arrived at Halloween last time will skip the scary festival. NASA's database at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, reveals that it will only arrive November 11. The jump-scare looking rock won't be as close either. It will pass at multiple millions of miles away from us.

Death's head chunk of rock comes again in 2082

The asteroid won't be back until 2082. According to Plataforma SINC, the asteroid seemed to come out of nowhere in 2015. Measuring about 625 (685 yards) and 700 meters (765yards), the space object completes a rotation in three hours. It also looks remarkably like a "grinning skull" especially in "certain lighting" conditions. Last time it passed by at around one-quarter of the distance between the sun and Earth, In 2082, the asteroid is expected to pass at about a third of the distance between the Earth and the sun. It looks like the spooky stone is losing some interest in hitting our Halloween party. In fact, the great pumpkin is planning a route that takes it closer to Venus and Mercury.

A near-earth object from the Apollo group

The near-earth object is from the Apollo group and is considered a potentially dangerous asteroid for our planet. On 10 October 2015, the object was discovered by the Ritchey–Chrétien telescope, according to the IAU Planet Center. The scientist at the Pan-STARRS location in Hawaii spotted it first.

It was always out there, but we just couldn't see it as it hangs out beyond Mars' orbit most of the time.

Grinning skull isn't the only dangerous space object and one will come closer in 2027

While it's a long time before earth gets a visitation from the grinning skull, another one should come before 2082.

The 2015 death's head shaped asteroid distance was described as being 1,1 lunar distance from earth. But one that comes in 2027 will be even closer at just 1 lunar distance. This means that scary things will happen again in most of our lifetimes. Unfortunately, though, it won't arrive at Halloween and it's not an exciting grinning skull shape either. Doomsters will, most likely, feel somewhat let down by the piece of rock.

Origin of the death's head asteroid

The origin of the potentially scary space object, asteroid 2015 TB145, is a little mundane, given the hype over its super-spooky appearance. According to NASA News in 2015, it was probably a comet that shed all the interesting bits. Now it's just a rock that came once to visit at Halloween, which added just a little twist to the imagination of pumpkin-loving people.