Halloween 2018 is approaching quickly and you know what that means - ghosts, goblins, tricks or treats, and, of course, candy. Lots of candy! Each year, Halloween is catching up retail wise to the biggest holidays celebrated around the world, including Christmas. The money spent to celebrate All Hallows Eve may just blow your mind!

According to CandyStore.com, an estimated $2.6 billion will be spent on Halloween candy. That is a lot of cash being spent on sugary treats. What is more mind-blowing is that the figure does not include costumes, pumpkins, and all other Halloween decor.

The data is in

The candy retail giant has reportedly gathered 11 years of their own sales data, along with several other major candy manufacturers and distributors across the United States to back their findings - thus helping them come up with a map of “2018's Most Popular Halloween Candy in America.”

The top 10

The most popular candy ordered by distributors or purchased at stores by consumers across the US for Halloween is Skittles. Right behind the bite-sized treats is M&M’s at No. 2, Snickers is third, Reece’s Cups fourth, and Starburst rounding out the top five.

Candy Corn may be at its most popular at Halloween, yet it was only good enough to rank sixth overall on the Halloween top ten.

It seems people either love or hate the tricolored treat, with no room in between!

Hot Tamales is the seventh most popular candy at Halloween, followed by Hershey’s chocolate bar’s at eight, Tootsie Pop’s at nine, and rounding out the top ten, is Jolly Ranchers. While those candies are the ten most popular, how about sales in your neck of the woods?

Michiganders love their Candy Corn. According to data, so do the good folks in New Mexico and Nevada. For Texas, it is Reece’s Cups, while in Alaska the No. 1 seller is Twix. This information is based on the number of pounds sold in their state.

The top-selling state for candy is California. Statistics indicate that Skittles is the top seller at a whopping 1,620,736 pounds!

In second place is M&M’s at 1,283,715 pounds, followed by Salt Water Taffy in third place coming in at just under 900,000 lbs. That is a lot of sugar being consumed!

No matter where you live, the verdict is in that Americans love their candy, especially during the fall months leading up to Halloween. Be sure to check out the tweet above or head to CandyStore.com to check out the favorites in your home state.