Halloween already? Yes! If you love ghosts, goblins, and everything associated with fall and Halloween, then here is a bit of good news for you - Halloween stores are opening all across the US this week ahead of the Labor Day holiday. While some people may think it is a bit too early to start thinking about carving pumpkins, haunted houses and what to wear this Halloween, others are very excited to prepare for their favorite holiday. Don't forget to check out the new "Halloween" movie in theaters as well.

Stores open already

When it comes to spooky time, nobody seems to do it better than Spirit Halloween and Halloween City, and in 2018, they aren’t wasting any time in spreading the festive cheer. According to the Chicago Tribune, three of Spirit's planned seven south suburban locations have already opened, with the other four expected to do so as well within the next week.

Radio station WWJ, in Detroit, indicated the same is happening already in Motown and its surrounding cities. Spirit Halloween stores are already open for business in Dearborn, Warren, and Westland, with several others, expected to open within the next week or so.

Halloween City, regularly known as Party City in many states, is also up and running throughout Michigan and most other states around the country. The superstore will do its annual transformation from Party City to fall fun this week, however, some have already made the transformation. In Michigan, stores are already open to the public in Madison Heights, Sterling Heights and Roseville, with several expected to turn ghoulish this upcoming week.

Local stores a great option

While Spirit Halloween and Halloween City are two of the biggest chains nationwide, it is always interesting to look for local shops in your hometown. Two such shops in south-east Michigan include Crypt Keepers Halloween Emporium in Centerline and Screamers Costumes Halloween Superstore in Clinton Township. According to the Screamers Costumes official website, not only are they open all year, they offer quite a variety of options, including costume rentals.

Each year during the Christmas holiday season, one day is always dedicated to shopping local - meaning giving the hometown business owners a look before running off to the major chains. So why not do the same for Halloween? Sure, Spirit Halloween and Halloween City offer a lot, but before you shop, be sure to check out some local small businesses as well! The countdown clock is at 59 days and counting until the big day arrives. Michael Myers is also returning this year.

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