When Google Maps introduced the addition of images and video, people loved it and got excited about the feature. Last year, the Discover South Africa through street view mode was made into a video. It involved people who didn't just drive along and grab street views. To get to the most beautiful places in South Africa, they had to walk into wilderness areas. Their footage came together in a splendid showcasing of the country. Posted up on YouTube, the video takes viewers along with those who carried the Google cameras on their backs into some stunning scenery that even has local South Africans amazed at their beautiful country.

Discover South Africa - with Google Street View & Drive South Africa

Google Street views are popular as an adventurer can look ahead and see where they are going. For couch potatoes who love to look at places, it's a lot of fun and is very engaging. In this video, it shows the people who carried the cameras into the wilderness areas. Covering National Parks, trails, and Heritage Sites, the short video really brings out the beauty of nature. The narration explains how we don't really "understand something until we spend time with it." For the camera packers, they immersed themselves totally in it. This helps other people understand where they went and what's out there.

The narrative speaks of South Africa having "some of the most spectacular hiking trails and National Parks in the world." When you see the shots, you really can believe it.

In some places up in the Drakensberg mountains, ropes and ladders were used to get to amazing vantage points. The team went to the Cradle of Mankind, into the wilderness on foot, along wild and splendid beaches, and close to wild animals in natural habitats.

Passionate South Africans trekking their country with Google

The YouTube introduction by Drive South Africa explains, "A team of passionate South Africans in partnership with Google Maps have trekked the length and breadth of South Africa to map 170 new trails, six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all 19 National Parks, in a large 360-imagery collection of the country’s wildest regions."

The video below shows how they did this and the stunning shots that make this well worth watching.

The Google cameras take 360-degree shots with every step

The people who carried the cameras in explained how the special cameras take panoramic 360-degree shots with each step. Basically, as they walk and climb, the viewer gets to see exactly the same environment they were in. It's immersive and beautiful.

South Africa is often in the news for all the wrong reasons, but after watching this Google Maps Discover South Africa video, would you go and visit the country on your next vacation? Or, maybe just sit at home and play around on Google Maps. With natural street views, anyone can Travel anywhere thanks to new technology.