UFO's have long been claimed to exist. Among the claimants are astronauts. Using a complex high-tech lie-detector technology, it seems that the four respected astronauts who claimed they saw aliens did not lie. Well, at least they really do believe they saw them.

Lie-detectors aren't always totally reliable, but the new complex computer analysis is much better than traditional methods. The International Business Times reported that the astronauts who claim they saw UFO's and believe they really do exist include Buzz Aldrin, "Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper."

UFO's are not just a tall tale

Buzz Aldrin himself had previously stated that astronauts on Apollo 11 had all seen unidentified flying objects that appeared to be following them, according to Solar System Exploration Research.

However, they were finally convinced that it was merely one of the panels from the separation of the spacecraft. Over on Reddit, Buzz even told questioners about three years ago that he did not think they were UFO's after all.

It's interesting then, to note that despite what he said, the tests carried out by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany show that in fact, he does believe that what he saw were UFO's and that they really do exist.

Astronaut who believed aliens contact mankind

Astronaut Ed Mitchell was the sixth moon-walker and was with the Apollo 14 mission. The India International Times reported that he claimed that humans had been contacted by Aliens. The Daily Star pointed out that he claimed to have seen UFO's.

Even though he and fellow astronaut Cooper are both now deceased, the new technology was able to analyze the voices of the two astronauts and it turns out they were not telling lies. They really believed that they had encountered UFO's.

Apollo 15 astronaut also believes they encountered aliens and UFO's

Al Worden, now aged 86 was on the Apollo 15 project.

He claimed to have actually seen aliens when he spoke with Good Morning Britain. He too passed the new lie-detector test. He even went so far as to say that "human beings are descendants of an advanced alien form," according to IBT.

The high-tech computer analysis of these voices says that they are not telling lies. They all really do believe that they encountered aliens and/or UFO's.

Of course, this does not mean they actually did see, meet, or encounter aliens in UFO's. It merely means they believe that they did.

The fine points of what they saw and what they think they saw will not matter too much to those who believe NASA has long covered up the existence of alien life. While the mainstream media often describes the likelihood as defying logic, many people accept that there are simply too many instances of such reports to take it lightly.

What do you think about the fact that it now seems UFO's really exist? What are your thoughts on the lie-detector test the astronauts passed that may verify that not all of them suffered from some delusion?