Listicles are not new, but recently they have become more popular online. Buzzfeed is a company mostly associated with listicles. More and more writers are using them because they are fun to write. Besides, readers enjoy them. In case someone is not familiar with the term, a listicle is just what it says. The word is made up of list and article. In other words, a listicle is a combination of a list and an article.

Listicles seem to appeal to busy people who would rather read a list than a long essay. They also appeal to the younger generation, but it doesn't mean older adults won't appreciate them as well.

There are various ways to write a listicle, but there are some things that are common in every one of them.

1. Headlines

Every word in the headline should begin with a capital letter. Since the document is a list, the number of points should be stated to prepare the reader for what's ahead. There are several proven factors concerning the number.

2. Numbers

Begin each point with a number instead of spelling out a word. People's brains process numbers faster than words. For example: "15 Easy Tips For writing Headlines" grabs the attention of readers quicker than "Fifteen Easy Tips For Writing Headlines." Also, an odd number is better to use than an even number.

A double-digit number is better than a single-digit number, even though I chose to keep this article short by providing only five tips.

Sometimes writers will round off a number and write "10 Tips For Writing Headlines." That's a double-digit, but it is not an odd number. The rules are recommended for maximum results, but all of them are not mandatory all the time.

3. Adjectives

As is seen in the above headline, an adjective follows the number in the headline.

It didn't have to be, but it lets readers know what to expect in the article. An adjective spruces up the headline a bit.

4. Images

It is a good idea to add photos to each point for emphasis. They also serve as a divider to break up some of the text. It is not mandatory, but it gives the listicle a nice touch. Make sure the images are appropriate for the point it represents.

5. Conclusion

After you list your points, make sure you conclude the article without leaving your readers hanging onto the last point. The conclusion doesn't have to be long, but it should summarize the points you have listed. The summary should not be numbered because it is not a new point.

To summarize, the easy tips outlined in this article will help writers improve their listicles by writing good headlines with a number instead of a word. Also, they now know to include an adjective, images, and a conclusion such as this one.