The Pentagon released a video of U.S. Air Force jets chasing Unidentified Flying Objects, and the mainstream media is jumping on it in full force. Add to that the fact that a Russian Cosmonaut took bacteria samples from the outside body of the ISS, and the test results have returned evidence of a non-Earth like bacteria.

What are the new facts being released on the possible existence of alien life?

Here we go again. More compelling evidence of life beyond Earth has come to light, but this time it's not from alien enthusiasts. The Pentagon and Russia have released information that strongly supports the concept that we are not alone in the Universe.

A video was released in an article about the $300,000,000 spent on UFO research by the Pentagon since 2011. The video shows an Air Force jet following what is reported by the pilots flying the plane as a fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects. The pilot describes a fleet, and the comments from both pilots sound like utter amazement at what they are seeing. Luis Elizondo also appeared on CNN last night with the release of information in the following YouTube video.

Despite a frustrating appearance by Neil Degrasse Tyson on CNN this morning, in which he clearly refuses to admit to the existence of aliens, or alien guided UFOs, Luis Elizondo made it quite apparent that we are not alone. In fact, he came forth in stating that "there is compelling evidence that we are not alone".

Folks, the cat is out of the bag, and I'd expect the information and hidden evidence is going to start to flow to the public on a regular basis until we know the full truth.

Watch the video below, and more importantly, listen to the words and reactions of the U.S. Navy pilots. One of whom, David Fravor, appeared on CNN this morning to give his honest account of what he saw.

The words coming from him are astounding in this video of him chasing the UFO. You can watch his interview on CNN by looking it up on the web.

This story was covered by CNN both last night and this morning. The mainstream norm, over the past few decades, has been to cover alien stories as some sort of comical side story, with hardly any time spent on them.

Now, many major news outlets covered the story and invited speakers on their shows to talk about the situation which is gaining steam around the world. Watch the video and make your own decision as to what you are hearing and seeing.

On top of this story, another important new story is hiding amongst articles on several writing platforms, including Flipboard, Blasting news, and many more. The Russians have released information that one of their Cosmonauts has brought back to Earth, proof of non-Earth bacteria that was clinging to the outside of the Internation Space Station. The cosmonaut took a swab from the station. This announcement is actually solid proof that life exists outside our little orb in space.

We are not alone!

Where do you stand on Aliens now?

Honestly, I'd be as amused, as I was this morning in watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson trying to hold onto his image, by lying about his opinion of life beyond Earth, to see what anyone's denial of the facts looks like on paper. I would love to say myself without a doubt, and with 100% assuredness that aliens exist. I'd love to see us have a reported contact with them, other than chasing and seeing them in the air in UFOs.

On March 17, 2017, at approximately 7:30 in the evening, ti was dark in Gemmrigheim, Germany, where I was living at the time.I was outside on my balcony, and I noticed my cat gazing with huge black pupils out the window at something.

At first, I played with him through the window to try and grab his attention from whatever he was staring at. I was unsuccessful. Eventually, I turned around to look at the sky he was staring at, and there it was. My first definitive viewing of a completely unexplainable flying object, a UFO. It was huge. Bigger than anything on Earth. It had lights all along the front of it in the exact shape of a Chevron sign. The lights ran the length of the known symbol and its commonly reported shape. It was quiet, hovering for at least two minutes over the winery hills across the Neckar River, and it was facing me directly. The lights eventually faded, and it disappeared, as the stars behind it reappeared.

It did not fly away, it did not move. It simply faded into non-existence with no sound or movement. Obviously, I reported this to the National UFO sightings site online, and it is listed as a sighting now. This is my only involvement with this phenomena, and it is something that I waited for all my life. My father passed away just 9 days prior to this event.

Given the new, mass covered news by mainstream media, what is your opinion now? Are you excited about the idea of not being alone in the Universe? Is it possible, that all the alien information being fed to us on the History channel, and from archaic drawings and writings, is completely true, and that we have been watched for centuries by advanced civilizations?

Is it even more possible, that their hands-off approach to watching us from above is a sign that they are a wonderful and peaceful civilization themselves, and are waiting for humans to figure it all out?

I for one, hope dearly for the future of man, that there is a way to find global peace and to become advanced and peaceful as these visiting UFOs seem to be. If they've been visiting us for centuries, helping ancient civilizations advance, I'd say it's pretty obvious they mean us no harm and have developed into a civilization of love and peace. Or perhaps, they have no emotions and are flabbergasted by how humans treat each other... Yeah, there's that! Would you get in touch with us if you were advanced and didn't want your world tarnished by the cruelty of mankind?

Probably not. But, the good news is, that despite news reports, the world is heading in the right direction in peace, and acceptance of others. If we ever want to meet inter-galactic neighbors, we better get to world peace as soon as possible.