Not too long ago, it was that time of the year again. The time when the hood huddles up to share their bounty and partake in ritualistic sermons, transporting their minds to otherworldly dimensions. The time when good homies make it a point to spot their homies because sharing is caring. The time of the year when people leave out cookies and milk for a special someone who stands for the one thing that knows no race, color, or religion. The one day of the year that is greener than earth day could have ever been. Ja, Mon! It’s 4/20, my dudes.

Light one up, homie!

For generations, the tradition of celebrating the significance of cannabis in the lives of collective humanity has been celebrated on this day. The digits 420, strictly in this order, signify the incredibly pious (yes, we said pious) act of consumption of cannabis in any form (particularly smoking Joints or blunts or spliffs, they all depend on preference). The easiest way to get high off of cannabis is to smoke it, and nobody has said it or done it better than our Lord and Savior, the OG, Snoop Dogg himself.

People all across the world take pride in posting pictures and stories of themselves indulging in the green spirit of the day, blowing thick white clouds and just plain and simple chilling.

Some of them take it up a notch and indulge in competitive joint rolling, making big fatties, or going overboard with a good variety of all the great buds they could find, rolling it up into one fine smokeable delicacy. We’re here to talk about one such cannabis enthusiast, and he’s got something very special in store for us.

Wubba Lubb Dubblunt!

The man of the hour is none other than famed cannabis enthusiast Tony Greenhand. Tony is incredibly well known and a revered soul in the cannabis community for his talent to roll some of the most bespoke joints mankind has ever laid eyes on. His specialty, however, revolves around rolling tribute joints for celebrities and pop culture icons, the greatest of which fall under the likes of the godfather of cannabis, Tommy Chong.

This year, however, Tony took social media by storm when he did something very special in light of 4/20. He paid tribute to Adult Swim’s hit animated television show, everyone's favorite grandpa-grandson duo, "Rick and Morty". An avid fan of the show himself, Tony did impeccable justice to his joints of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, handcrafted to perfection, and he didn’t stop there. He rolled joints in the image of two of the most viral fan favorites from the show, Mister Poopybutthole, and Mister Meeseeks. The joints are fully smokable, but they look like absolute works of art that one would rather preserve them and admire them for life than smoke them to cinder. Good on you, Tony. May the toke be with you.