High ranking officials at the Democratic National Committee have filed a multi-million dollar suit against three individuals, including President Trump, Wikileaks and Russia. The dnc filed the suit in response to the supposed harm done to the committee during the 2016 election cycle.

The DNC continues to allege that Pres. Trump's campaign colluded with Russia to help him get elected and damage Hillary Clinton's opportunity to become president. The suit alleges the illegal collusion occurred by hacking into the DNC and publicizing leaked content through WikiLeaks.

DNC claims Trump campaign welcomed Russia's influence on the election

The Hill reports that DNC Chair Tom Perez claims that Russia attacked our democracy and found support within Donald Trump's campaign. Over the past several months, Robert Mueller as special counsel has been investigating possible Russia collusion between Trump and Russia. The Senate has also been investigating but Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee came forward and acknowledged that there was no evidence of Russian collusion.

Perez and others at the DNC allege that Pres. Trump welcomed Russia's influence. The DNC faces a major hurdle as they attempt to sue a foreign government. Despite that, Perez and others have said that Russia can still be held responsible because the DNC hacks were a type of trespassing.

President Donald Trump denies there was any collusion

President Trump continues to deny any collusion or obstruction. The DNC wants compensation for damage caused by the DNC hacks. They also want the parties involved to admit they did influence the election. The suit does not name Pres. Trump as a defendant, but many of his former staffers are defendants.

The suit was filed in New York and Judge John Koeltl will preside over the lawsuit. The West Wing has said the suit was just an attempt to trump up the accusations of Russia collusion and influence. Newly appointed Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale claimed the suit was a sham and was filed by a dying Democratic party.

The DNC is working to interview several of the defendants and then they will release their discoveries to the public.

While President Donald Trump denies Russia influenced our election, the intelligence community has come forward, saying that they believe the Russians did undermine the election process.

Do you believe Russia colluded to influence the outcome of the 2016 election?