Count Joe Redner is an outspoken Strip Club owner in Tampa Bay. Yet Count Redner could be one of the many residents in Florida to sue the state for not following the will of the people regarding its cannabis ruling.

Law challenge

Two weeks after putting in place Florida's medical Marijuana laws governing how the plant should be grown, sold, and distributed throughout the state. Redner is suing the state to grow his own medical marijuana plants. But the ruling in Florida about medical marijuana says that residents throughout the state are not allowed to grow their own plants.

Even if they are medical marijuana patients. Redner is a lung cancer patient and he wants to grow his own cannabis plants because he is unsure about the quality of the cannabis products from licensed growers and dispensers.

Lawmakers will add ten additional licenses to the seven growers and dispensers in the state, which would bring the total to seventeen. Cannabis medication or prescription forms of cannabis use will come in pills, oils, drops, vape pens as prescribed by a doctor, and edibles. The only thing that a cannabis patient is unable to do is smoke the plant because it is banned within the state. Redner is challenging not only to grow his own cannabis plants but to even use the whole plant for multiple purposes.

"I'm a raw vegan. I am very careful about what I put in my body," Redner said to Tampa Bay Times.The officials in the Health Department have declined to comment on the matter due to the impending litigation of the lawsuit.

More to come

Redner is 77 years-old and is the owner of the Mons Venus club and is a registered cannabis patient under the new Florida Amendment.

He is currently suffering from stage-four lung cancer and has battled brain cancer in the past. He is the first person to challenge the rulings about cannabis use in Florida. Redner stated that he wants to grow medical marijuana plants to make a juice drink out of them for himself. But since he is a cannabis patient he is barred from growing his own plants and using the whole plant.

The lawsuit that Redner is pursuing with the Health Department and the state of Florida is declaratory judgment and no damages. He is looking at clarifying the ruling that the whole plant can be used for cannabis patients. Redner is also looking to get a dispensary license, but his lawsuit and his clarification about the law might not be the last the state of Florida will see in any other lawsuits.