The promo video dropped a month ago and over the past few days, Buzzfeed has been releasing videos surrounding its Queer Prom. Videos such as "Dream Prom Makeovers" and "High School Seniors Attend Queer Prom For The First Time" show the preparation and behind the scenes action of the prom. This idea to host a Queer Prom was one designed to celebrate members of the LGBT+ community and to show teens that they are not alone.

The teens they invited were excited, nervous and proud

BuzzFeed invited a total of 8 teens to attend their Queer Prom. These teens included Otter, Chris, Sage, Caitlin, Quinn, and Rowan.

Their excitement was catching and their emotions showed just how much it means to feel normal and included in society. The teens got the best treatment from the staff as they were pampered with hairstyles, gorgeous outfits, and each crowned prom king or queen.

The videos are emotional and heart wrenching as the teenagers get to see their dreams come true. Couple Sage and Caitlin get their very own slow dance, Quinn admits her transformation makes her feel beautiful for the first time and Otter is astonished that he can find clothes that actually fit! The topics raised in these video releases reach down to the core of the audience and highlight the struggle for these teenagers, and teenagers like them worldwide. The stories accompanied with the teens reveal an insight into what LGBT+ teenagers have to face every day.

Celebrities in attendance

There were many celebrities who attended BuzzFeed's Queer Prom such as Adam Lambert, Evan Rachel Wood, and Daniel Franzese. Some of these famous stars reminisced on their own proms many explaining that they went with members of the opposite sex because in those times being an LGBT+ person was not accepted. Some even stated how they did not feel comfortable to attend their own school prom.

They praised BuzzFeed for setting up the Queer Prom and arranging a space where LGBT+ people could feel accepted and loved. The night was certainly one to be remembered and showed BuzzFeed audiences worldwide how important it is to be inclusive to everyone in life.

The BuzzFeed Queer Prom was a spectacular event and both organizers and attendees were emotional to see its end.

As the teens stated, it was the first time that they were surrounded by that many queer people and it would probably never happen again. The ostracization felt by members of our societies pulls on the heartstrings and reminds the audience to be kind to one another. This message is one of extreme importance and BuzzFeed showed this in a truly memorable and creative way.

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