No celebrity is immune to the love that pets can give humans. That's why sometimes even pets become celebrities themselves, thanks to their famous owners. Here we track down some of the most adorable pets, along with their famous parents. Check out the list below and follow them on Instagram.

1. Ian Somerhalder

Who could ever forget Ian Somerhalder's smoldering looks in "The Vampire Diaries?" The 39-year old, who is best known for playing Salvatore on The CW series is, in fact, an advocate for the environment and animals. It's evident on his Instagram just how much he loves his furry friends.

Check out some snapshots of himself with his four-legged best friends.

2. Nikki Reed

Ian Somerhalder's wife, Nikki Reed, is without surprise also very much into animals. She often posts photos of the dogs and cats she's raising with her husband, as well as the various animals on their farm.

3. Zooey Deschanel

The "New Girl" actress is a dog lover. In fact, she loves them so much she rescued these two from a shelter. Now she's a mom to Dot and Zelda, a pair of adoption dogs. Deschanel recently teamed up with Wix for this ultra-cute commercial too.

4. Chrissy Teigen

Model turned host Chrissy Teigen recently mourned the loss of her Puddy, who according to her Instagram post, was introduced to her during her first year of dating now-husband John Legend.

Check out some snapshots of their best times together here.

5. Katy Perry

Pop star and shoe designer Katy Perry is a mom to her pet dog Nugget, who often graces her Instagram. Her adorable pup is often seen with her backstage and goes on tour with the pop songstress.

6. Amanda Seyfried

Singer and actress Amanda Seyfried is thoroughly in love with her Finn, who she met on the set of "Big Love." Check out a day in the life of Seyfriend and Finn in this video by Vogue.

7. David Beckham

Professional football athlete David Beckham is not only a doting dad to his human children, but also to his four-legged babies. Check out some snapshots of his pets below, as seen on Instagram.

8. Brooklyn Beckham

The younger Beckham, who is making a name for himself as a model, is already dad to Olive Beckham, who has her own Instagram account because she's a celebrity like that.

9. Mandy Moore

"This is Us" star Mandy Moore shares a home with two four-legged creatures she calls her "furry muppets" named Joni and Jackson.

10. Taylor Swift

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is mom to Olivia Benson, who goes on tour with the pop star and even sometimes steals the spotlight from Swift.