Spring Break should be enjoyed but it is not the time to throw caution to the wind. This is especially true for those who will be indulging in alcoholic beverages. There are five safety tips that will benefit anyone who will be drinking during their spring vacation. If adhered to, they can keep you out of the hospital, the Police Station, and prevent accidents and harm to you or someone else. The bottom line is that using these guidelines may save your life and keep your loved ones from grieving. These tips are simple to remember and loaded with benefits.

It's very important that when you leave home for the beach or another vacation spot, that you return home safe and sound. A report by CBS News was used for all of the information presented in this article.

Enjoy Spring break in spite of alcoholic beverages

If you simply must drink during your spring vacation, the first thing you should consider is responsible drinking. Don't allow the fact that you are on break to overwhelm you to the point you make irrational decisions. Set limits so that you do not become so inebriated that you cannot remember anything the next day. Number two is to not drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver, someone to get you back to your hotel room, or money or a credit card to use Uber or a cab.

The third thing to remember on spring break is to stay away from water when you are indulging in alcoholic beverages. Do not go for a swim, because drinking can impair your senses and give you a false sense of reality. You may take risks that could cost you big time.

Also, please don't get in a hot tub or a Jacuzzi. Alcohol dilutes your blood vessels and will lower blood pressure, and hot water can increase this effect.

Common sense is the key when drinking during spring break

The fourth guideline to follow is to always monitor your drink.

Whether you are in public or among friends, there is always a chance for problems. In the blink of an eye, something could be slipped into your glass or can and render you helpless. It's just common sense to never leave your alcoholic beverage unattended, even around people you know. There is simply no reason to tempt fate on your spring vacation.

The fifth thing to remember when you are on your vacation is that you can always make the choice to forgo drinking beer, wine, or liquor. The risk of ending up in the hospital or dying is not worth it. Your family members do not want to get the call that you are at the police station, that you have drowned, or were hurt or killed in an automobile accident. No one else wants to find out that their loved one is in the hospital or morgue because you were drinking. Think about that before you make your choice, and above all enjoy your spring break.