Burger giant Mcdonald's has decided that they will turn their iconic "M" upside down in honor of International women's day. Lynwood, California franchisee Patricia William announced that the Mcdonald's logo will be inverted to celebrate International Women's Day on Thursday.

McDonald's announced that for the first time in the company's history, the company will replace their golden "M" with a golden "W" all throughout their digital presence on Thursday to honor the achievements of its female employees and other women throughout the world.

Employees at select locations will greet customers in celebratory attire to highlight the occasion. The McDonald's website also features a campaign in which female employees share inspirational stories from their lives.

Companies play the catch up game as Intl. Women's Day arrives

McDonald's announcement comes as other brands have begun altering their strategies to attract female consumers, using International Women's Day to highlight their support for equality. Companies including Old Navy and Barbie have launched products in honor of the Day. Whisky brand Johnnie Walker replaced their labels with Jane Walker, for the entire month of March. The company has also announced they will donate $1 to organizations that support women's causes for up to $250,000.

Brawny is also replacing their male-focused logo with a woman as part of their social media campaign #StrengthHasNoGender.

According to CNBC, McDonald's spokeswoman Lauren Altmin said the company has been a supporter of women in the workforce, offering opportunities to expand their careers. Altmin also highlighted that 60 percent of restaurant managers are women.

While many companies are honoring International Women's Day, some companies like BrewDog are being criticized for what some say is a "lazy stunt." BrewDog has released a beer called Pink IPA, which they call a "beer for girls."

Other companies have already run successful campaigns during previous International Women's Day, including State Street, which installed a statue in New York City, across from the "Charging Bull" sculpture.

According to CNN, the sculpture was designed in to shine a light on the company's work to gender diversity within corporate boards. This massive "celebration" comes as women claim to be fighting sexual harassment in the workplace, including Hollywood.