Oreos are one of the greatest snack inventions in human history - that much we all know. What many people may not know, however, is that there is no longer any limit on the variety of Oreos put into production; there's an option for someone of almost every taste preference, for better or worse.

In honor of the sacred holiday, National Oreo Day, here are the five Oreos flavors you probably haven't heard of, but need to immediately.

Key Lime Pie Oreos

Like an Oreo, a key lime pie is a delicious dessert to be served at the end of a party. Unlike an actual key lime pie, however, the cookie lacks something - a savory taste.

It tries to make up for taste with bright, popping color, but that just further draws attention to its superficial priorities. Hard pass for me.

Limeade Oreos

This whole article won't pick on the brand's mistreatment of the citrus fruit. But they should really leave the lime alone. Do yourself a favor and don't buy these Oreos for your co-workers or your kids. In fact, don't buy them for anyone; the longer they languish on the shelf, the less likely they are to be produced ever again.

Choco Chip Oreo

Unlike the previous two entries, these unique cookies actually provide some nice flavor. It's brilliant to have the cookie part of the Oreo be comprised of the ingredients that spell out one of the all-time classic cookies, the chocolate chip cookie.

Just look at this brilliance:

Perhaps the formula could use some work (according to at least one review), but here's a suggestion: make the cookies soft, like gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Fruity Crisp Oreos

This was not the most popular flavor in the history of the brand. The reviews were largely negative as Nabisco tried to put an unnecessary level of color and cereal taste into a cookie. Maybe the sales weren't so great, because when a "mystery flavor" was recently introduced, it didn't take a group of sleuths to uncover even more Fruity Crisp Oreos.

Red Velvet Oreos

The Red Velvet Oreos are a polarizing cookie in the Nabisco canon. That has more to do with the polarizing nature of red velvet products in general. The red color is pretty, although quite artificial-looking on an Oreo. On the other hand, the cream cheese is practically sour, worthy of a spit take. There's just something terribly off about the flavor. Some minor adjustments may be able to shoot its popularity towards the likes of the mint and golden stuff flavors.