Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, took to Twitter asking for people to boycott Florida for Spring Break and instead visit Puerto Rico. Hogg has become the most vocal in demanding Gun Control legislation be passed in Florida. According to The Hill, on Twitter, David tweeted out "Let's make a deal not come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed."

Hogg has said that politicians aren't listening to those who are calling for gun control, so maybe they'll listen to the Florida tourism industry as it begins to lose money.

Hogg also suggested that instead of visiting Florida, people should visit Puerto Rico, who really needs the support that the government has not provided

CNN reported that David Hogg has become one of the most vocal students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to call for gun control legislation after a gunman killed 17 including students at his school. Hogg is a student journalist who hid in a closet when the gunman was shooting and interviewed students around him.

Gun control fight heights up across the country

The gun control debate has grown more vocal across the country, and many have increased calls for stricter gun laws. President Trump has called for better background checks, ending the sale of bump stocks and an increase of the legal age to purchase weapons such as the AR-15 to 21.

Republicans and the NRA are against raising the age to buy an assault weapon.

Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch has promised to introduce a bill, which will ban assault weapons. Deutch told the media that Democrats will introduce a bill that will make sure assault weapons are illegal all across the country.

Broward County law enforcement under scrutiny

Officials are beginning to scrutinize the Broward County Sheriff's Office after it was discovered that several officers did not enter the school after receiving calls about an active shooter. David Hogg defended one of the officers, saying at heart, he is a good person, but its impossible to explain why he didn't take action to stop the shooter.

Many in the public are calling for the resignation of Sheriff Scott Israel. One of the survivors has even said that Israel failed to act on so many different levels. One of the officers who refused to enter the school, resigned last week. Many are also demanding answers to why law enforcement didn't do more when multiple sources warned them about the gunman's behavior.