Kelly Clarkson may be best known for being the first ever champion of the FOX reality singing competition "American Idol," but the multi-platinum selling artist has gone beyond the stage to showcase her talents. The "Since U Been Gone" and "Love So Soft" singer, who broke out after winning the first season of the competition, has went on to sell platinum records, tour the world, and win several Grammy Awards. In fact, she is the first artist to ever win two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album. Clarkson is now a mother of two and book author but continues to make music.

In fact, she recently released a new full-length record titled "Meaning of Life." On social media, the singer is also a force to be reckoned with. In fact, the bubbly singer has some great comebacks to trolls who dare to cross a line with her. Here's three times she destroyed Twitter trolls with some awesome comebacks.

1. 'Fat' but 'awesome'

Over the years, "American Idol" alum Kelly Clarkson had considerably gained some weight. But with her pop star status comes the pressure to look her best, regardless of whatever's going on in her personal life. In July 2017, the singer tweeted her appreciation for those who served the United States, and a "fan" by the name of Cliff Cherokee took it upon himself to call her out by tweeting, "Your'e fat." The tweet was rude and totally uncalled for, but the multi-award winning songwriter replied with grace.

She tweeted back, "....and still awesome" with the tongue-out winky face.

2. 'Say what you will'

It goes without saying that Kelly Clarkson has made an enviable career over the last 15 years. The years of hard work she poured into her music has definitely paid off and has taught her a thing or two about having a thick skin.

Popcrush reported that when British TV personality Katie Hopkins targeted Clarkson in February and March 2015 for gaining weight and "eating all of her backing singers," Clarkson told E! News, "I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will." Spoken like a true champ.

3. In defense of Michelle Obama

In July 2016, Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter to express her support of Michelle Obama, who gave a powerful speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Twitter user Joshua Gage replied to the "American Idol" alum, writing, "I'm not sure I liked the part where she said the Whitehouse was built by slaves." She completely shut down the troll by replying, "Pretty certain the slaves that built it didn't like it either." Check out her tweet below and make sure to think twice before saying something nasty about the queen.