The first ever winner of the massive pop-star making machine that is "American Idol" is releasing her newest record. Kelly Clarkson, who charmed audiences back in 2002 and won the competition, is setting out on a new adventure with her upcoming record titled "Meaning Of Life." The now mother-of-two is offering a fresh perspective to her music after getting married, starting a family, and changing record labels.

Fans of "Idol" and Clarkson would know that the singer and songwriter had difficulties with her original label, RCA, but that didn't stop her from selling millions of records and earning Grammy Awards.

Her upcoming record chronicles her life 15 years after winning the reality show, which has spawned best selling artists like herself, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and more. The 35-year old Texan told Entertainment Weekly, "This is a grown-a-- woman’s record...This is a record you make when you’ve lived."

Songwriter opens up about the music industry

Today's music industry is more cutthroat than ever. With the advent of social media, it's gotten easier for artists to reach their fans and vice versa. Of course, the response is automatic as well. A mere tweet can let the artist know whether a new song isn't really all that great or if his or her performance sucked. Not to mention having disagreements with record labels on creative directions.

Kelly Clarkson is now signed to Atlantic Records following her very long relationship with RCA Records. "Meaning of Life" will be released by Atlantic Records, and Clarkson mused that in today's music industry, "It can be so hard to Find The Light sometimes."

Clarkson to release new record in October

Following teasers on her social media accounts, Kelly Clarkson announced the release of her newest record, "Meaning of Life" for October 27.

She shared that the upcoming record is a departure from her "Since U Been Gone" pop-rock days, as it will have a more soulful pop sound reminiscent of Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin. To give listeners a taste, Clarkson released "Love So Soft," and the music video also hit YouTube today. The video is visually stunning, bu doesn't steal the spotlight from Clarkson's vocals, which takes the center stage in all of her songs.

"Meaning of Life" arrives on October 27 and "Love So Soft" is now available everywhere. To keep with Clarkson on social media, follow her on Twitter @kelly_clarkson and Instagram/Facebook @kellyclarkson.