singapore is a small city-state in Southeast Asia that is no larger than a little red dot on the world map. As a former British trading colony in 1819, it still remains an important trading port for ships that travel to Southeast Asia. Ever since its independence in 1965, it has become one of the world's most prosperous nations.

1. Year-long summer

With the winter months coming right up, those looking for a warmer destination should consider adding Singapore to their itinerary. Since Singapore is located near the equator, it experiences only one season all year long.

If basking in the sun is your cup of tea, head to Sentosa, an island off the shores of Singapore. There, you can find several man-made beaches, and a variety of entertainment facilities, including Universal Studios Singapore and the Resorts World Sentosa Casino. It's time to de-stress after working hard for the entire year!

2. English is the language of instruction

Have you ever been to a country where you are unable to communicate with the locals because of language barriers? Are you tired of gesticulating all your questions yet still not having them answered? In Singapore, everyone understands English and you will have no problem communicating and finding your way around the city.

That being said, most Singaporeans speak 'Singlish' (Singaporean English), a colloquial language which includes a mixture of English, Malay, Mandarin, and a variety of dialects.

Singlish signifies the cosmopolitan mix of the people in Singapore and is unique to this small city-state. However, most Singaporeans are able to code-switch to standard English, which you will be able to understand.

3. Food from all over the world

Sometimes traveling can be a bane when we simply cannot get used to the food in the new environment we are in.

However, Singapore has one of the world's largest mixes of food: Japanese, Korean, Indian, Greek, Italian, Swiss, German, Western, et cetera. You will definitely find something that suits your taste buds.

4. Garden city

Singapore takes the term 'concrete jungle' literally, boasting its greenery wherever you go. You will be able to see trees lining the roads, sprouting out on the rooftop of buildings, and even sprawling all over the buildings.

It also boasts man-made 'supertrees' with two conservatories housing a large variety of flora and fauna at 'Gardens by the Bay', located right smack in the city center.

5. The gateway to Asia

Why not add it as a pit-stop on your way to Asia? Singapore's Changi Airport was named as the world's best airport for the fifth consecutive year! Furthermore, you can fly from Los Angeles on United Airlines straight to Singapore and catch a budget flight to nearby Asian countries.