Without a doubt, everyone has a Dream Vacation destination, whether that be the snowy mountains of the Himalayas, the bustling city of Los Angeles or the serene beaches of Fiji. It is easy to get excited and begin thinking of all the things you're going to do and places you're going to stay but what can be more of a struggle is coming up with the funds to make that dream a reality. That's where I come in! Here are my top three Tips to help you Save for the dream vacation you've always wanted.

1. Just book it!

The first tip is by far the craziest on this list but also one that for me had the most impact.

As soon as you have the money for a return trip to your dream destination, book it. What about accommodation or sight-seeing costs?

Shouldn't you wait until you have the total amount needed before booking? Nope! For me, booking the transport costs ahead of time puts added pressure on me to save for the rest of the trip. It also motivates me more and gets me extra excited about the upcoming adventure. What a waste of money it would be if I booked the travel but then never ended up booking anything else! Is it mildly terrifying? Absolutely. However, it is the perfect opportunity to channel that fear into opportunity and productivity. It's the extra push I need to save money.

2. The golden list

If you're anything like 90 percent of the population, as soon as your paycheck enters your account, a sudden urge to spend money on unnecessary things takes over.

Not exactly ideal when saving for your dream vacation, right? That's why I created one of my most valuable travel tips: the golden list.

The golden list is a list of things I know I need to buy for the holiday. Items can be anything from suitcases and travel adapters to outfits and gifts for friends. Every time I get the urge to spend money, I simply look at the list and buy something on there.

It satisfies the urge to spend and is actually productive towards my vacation saving efforts. If I run out of things on the list, I simply add some cash to my multi-currency card (see tip 1).

3. Saving to spend

At this point, your accommodation and airfares are all booked and your vacation is definitely happening but your dream getaway won't be nearly as much fun without some cash to splash.

Handing over cash in one currency for cash in another is a familiar concept for all sorts of travelers but it can be daunting to carry around large amounts of cash. Your regular credit card, is, of course, an option, but it can make it really hard to track spending.

A multi-currency cash card could be your perfect solution. These cards are easily available from your local travel agent or currency exchange, are super easy to setup and even allow you to store multiple currencies at a time. These cards let you log in at any time and check your savings progress, either making you feel proud of how much you've already saved or motivating you to save just that little bit more. What works perfectly for me is loading a specific amount of cash onto the card every paycheck before I had the chance to spend it. Before I know it, I have a nice little shopping fund that gets me through the trip.