Kelly Clarkson is once again speaking out on Body Image. The 35-year old Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter recently sat down with Attitude Magazine to shed light on one of the darkest moments of her 15-year career. The first ever "American Idol" champ, who won the reality TV series in 2002, was often the subject of tabloids because of her weight gain throughout the years. She did lose weight in her "Breakaway" and "My December" era during the early 2000's, but the singer had some revelations during that period in her life. PEOPLE reported that according to Clarkson, there was definitely a disconnect between how she looked and how she felt during that time.

Performer felt the pressure to look good

Kelly Clarkson, who is now a married woman with two children, admitted to Attitude Magazine that "When I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself. I was miserable, like, inside and out, for four years of my life." This may come as a shock to some, given that the weight loss industry was reportedly worth $64 billion in the United States alone, Fortune revealed. As an entertainer and artist, Clarkson felt the pressure to look svelte, which was why she made it a point to always be at the gym and run. She admitted that she even injured herself doing so. That's when she started to feel trapped in the cycle of trying to lose weight.

Singer contemplated suicide despite looking slimmer

Kelly Clarkson admitted that the period in her life that she spent pouring all her energy into running and maintaining her slim figure "was a very dark time" for her. She admitted, "No one cared, because aesthetically you make sense." Clarkson shared that she began to make a change in 2007, when she released the record "My December." She made it a point to change her life and surround herself with good people and veer away from negative persons and influences.

Artist remains outspoken about her beliefs

The original "American Idol" winner has always been outspoken about the things that matter to her. Honesty remains one of the most endearing traits about Kelly Clarkson, especially in the world of manufactured pop princesses topping Billboard charts. Fans would remember her disagreement with RCA's Clive Davis back in 2007 following the release of "My December." But Clarkson knew that she and RCA were not a good fit, the New York Times reported.

Nonetheless, she does credit the label for contributing to her success. The singer has now moved on to a new contract with Atlantic, under which her new record "Meaning Of Life" will be released this October 27.