Animated TV programs have the ability to beat reality network shows of all type, and this reality remains constant from the perspective of the life of a regular individual searching for some diversion at the solace of their home. Vivified shows and Cartoons can be more fantastically over the top, more detestable and questionably significantly all the more captivating due to the absence of physical constraints and the plenitude of inventive workspace and potential outcomes. "Rick and Morty" of Adult Swim has proven to be one such show that people have eagerly looked forward to every weekend.

Whet your hunger with a portion of the squanchiest backdrops from the show, each highlighting our most loved inebriated second coming of Albert Einstein and his moronic yet-agreeable grandson as we sit tight for the fourth season. This list of wallpapers will not only adorn your smartphone, but will also offer you an incredible opportunity to return to the absolute most notable minutes from an initial couple of seasons, yet additionally get looks of easter eggs from past scenes too.


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We know you’re eager. We are absolutely certain you expect quality over quantity. And we’re sure you’ll like what we got.


How to be open, straightforward, and confess your love to your crush with a 100% success rate? These words are the answer.


This is all of us at work on a Monday morning, after having an absolutely wild weekend.

Make all that interdimensional, and you have Rick’s life right in front of you.


Although Evil Rick was just an android controlled by Evil Morty, He seems to have made quite a mark on the audience. Besides, he’s the only Rick Evil Morty could trust.


All you touch and All you see is All your life will ever be.


How many floating Pickle Rick’s do you count?


This minimalistic wallpaper is made up of all the right colors that pop. What a delight.


Christmas is just a month away, and this 8-bit work of joy spreads jingles all the way.


All the "Doctor Who" references one could dream of, in one wallpaper.

The Daleks, The Cybermen, The Fez, And Rick Sanchez at 10. Allons-y!


This has got to be one of the most celebrated moments from the show. We’re all up for peace.


Easily the cutest wallpaper on our list. We’re not even quite sure how someone could come up with something like this, but this is genius.


Jerry not quite doing it right. At least he’s trying.


An accurate representation of our Solar System. NASA has been lying to us all along.


The world can be one together. Cosmos without hatred.