Even if you are not an ardent follower of "Rick and Morty," you will, undoubtedly, be familiar with one obvious aspect of the show: The ever so prevalent passive-aggressive cold war between Rick Sanchez and his son-in-law, Jerry Smith. An extraordinarily prevailing psychopathic genius and a bland human scaredy-cat make for peculiar enemies.

The newfangled season 3 of the Adult Swim entertainment series is all about that. Rick's stranglehold over the Smith family implies that Jerry is out. However, in the latest episode, "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy," they more or less hobnobbed, and the minds behind the show clarify this strangely wonderful matching.

Inside the Whirly Dirly!

Jerry openly discusses with Rick over space-alcohol and refreshments, how his existence with Beth and his children was extremely ordinary, but happy before Rick returned to their lives. Because of this, Jerry has a profound and standing contempt for being persuasively maneuvered into a science fiction world, and that his significant other and children unquestionably appear to like Rick better.

Rick and Jerry would likely get along in the event that they met in a vacuum as we see right on time in the scene when they sit at the bar. Be that as it may, there can't be a vacuum, and Jerry will dependably fill it with self-hatred, and perhaps implicitly participate in a plan to kill Rick.

What is with the hatred?

Over the length of the show, we have noticed Rick effortlessly outwitting Jerry in all scenarios, where the two are present in the same room. Given that Jerry isn’t exactly smart or even remotely “sciency,” but even if he were, he wouldn’t stand a chance against the wit of Rick.

Rick has made it clear on multiple occasions that he doesn't like Jerry because of how Beth and her children's lives are.

He even says he doesn't like Jerry's 'unemployed genes' in his grandchildren.

Jerry, on the other hand, hasn’t openly admitted that he feels threatened by Rick’s presence in the house. He, in turn, redirects it as the negative effects Rick’s presence has on his kids, who are not able to lead normal lives. Jerry’s alpha status in the family is also threatened by Rick’s presence and high intellect.

Jerry occasionally complains about how Rick has sabotaged his garage and part of his house, while the rest of the family couldn’t care less about these rants as they’re mostly hand in hand with Rick’s endless and increasingly outlandish shenanigans. Heck, they chose Rick over Jerry and poor Jerry had to leave his one and only support system.

In the latest episode, however, it seems as though Rick and Jerry have come to some sort of an agreement after being brutally vocal about their concerns and why they cannot stand each other. Rick mentions that Jerry shattered Beth’s dream by impregnating her, which was an unplanned teenage pregnancy. Rick, just like any good father, wants what’s best for his daughter, but he’ll just have to make do with Jerry. L O S E R!