Ever since the dawn of the episode "Pickle Rick" on the third season of "Rick and Morty", Rick Sanchezs green, crunchy, sour, grimy form soaking with vengeance has gone on to become a cult symbol of epic proportions.

Pickle Rick has infiltrated any and every conceivable social publicity medium. From memes to autotuned music videos, to even toys. Why all the buildup over a pickle, you inquire? Since it is maybe the most renegade pickle in this universe and beyond C-137. An idea that could without much of a stretch go off as a muffle, it has shown itself in a scene worth celebrating about in the years to come.

Like we said before, Iconic is the word. Much acclaim to co-makers of the show Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. We can just envision what conceptualizing went behind this specific form of Rick Sanchez.

The Plague of Pickles

Pickle Rick is so much of a viral internet sensation right now that there are countless fan arts on him. What seems like a physical manifestation of Rick Sanchez that has surpassed the popularity of even Tiny Rick, Pickle Rick is in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Imagine a bunch of other favorite cartoons as Pickles. Can you? We’ll help you with just that in this article.

Inspired By

The original, unadulterated, version 1.0 of Pickle Rick.


What if we blended "Rick and Morty" with Futurama? How about a Pickle Leela?


What time is it? It’s "Adventure Time"! Lumpy Space Pickle, anyone? We personally think this is super adorable.


Greetings from Bluffington! We bring to you Douglas Yancy Funnie Pickle!


Swiper no Swiping! Swiper no Swiping! Swiper no Swiping! Here’s Pickle Dora the Explorer!


From Peanuts to Pickles, here’s everybody’s favorite, Charlie Brown! More like Charlie Green.


How could we forget "Family Guy"? And who fits the role of a menacing pickle better than Stewie Griffin himself? Nobody! Pickle Stewie is probably the only closest iteration to the real Pickle Rick in terms of wit and wisdom.



Did anyone say, Duff? Homer Simpson as a pickle would still be an absolute dud, probably a lot more irresponsible and a lot less self-destructive, maybe?


Let's take this underwater. Let’s take it to Walt Disney. Let’s bloody well take it to the lost city of Atlantis. We’re not sure how Sebastian and Flounder will like this, but here’s Pickle Ariel in all her glory. And yes, the clamshell bra was necessary.


Last, but not the least. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Pickle Pants! Looks less like a sponge, to be honest, and way more like a sea cucumber. Definitely more legit than the rest, don’t you think? Saved the best for the last.