What started as a one-shot parody of "Back to the Future" turned into a hugely successful comedy. This is "Rick and Morty," one of the funniest shows on television today. It has truly original plots and brilliantly conceived jokes.

"Rick and Morty" is one of the most beloved shows on the air right now, and as such, the series has inspired more than its fair share of awesome "Rick and Morty" cosplayers. But the best Rick and Morty cosplays aren't just limited to fans' takes on the titular characters of the show.


The schwiftiest Rick Sanchez Cosplay we found.

(aside the one by none other than Jessica Nigri, of course)


More like that's Sick, Sanchez.


Another noteworthy mention in our list of cosplays goes to Reddit user @melikebirds. These gender bender cosplays are going totally out of hand, and in the best of ways.


The bond between Morty and Armothy although short-lived was one of the key turning points for Morty’s shift in dynamics as far as his character is concerned.


The same episode did wonders to Summer as well.


The cult symbol that this grew to be. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pickle Rick.


Eyehole man doing a fabulous photobomb with a bunch of Vindicators.


But what’s the Vindicators without this chap?

Noob Noob is the best of the lot.


Toxic Gunk Rick is the truest manifestation of what makes Rick himself.


We cannot wait to see where President Evil Morty will cook up in the upcoming season.

One hell of a wait, but it’ll all be worth it.


Grabbagarbgrooba the Garblovian (suit by cavity-sam)


A whole squad of Mr. Meeseeks


Mrs. Refrigerator

"Rick and Morty" cosplays have taken over every single Comic Convention ever since the show aired on television, and the sheer degree of the number of cosplayers showing up as characters from our beloved show just keeps on increasing with each passing season and episode.

Cosplayers from all over the world have left no stone unturned when it comes to the sheer detail and enthusiasm of their costumes.

From handmade to purchases from professional cosplay makers, from comic con convention cosplays to casual ones from home, here is a list of some of the best cosplays seen, along with some of the best memories of season 3.

Regardless of whether it be Meeseeks, Summer Smith, Unity, or even Scary Terry, the show's wide cluster of characters have enabled fans to be really imaginative with their costumes, because let’s face it, the so-called Side Characters have grown as absolute fan favorites just as much as the core characters. To simply put it, there are no side characters in this show at all. That’s what makes it wholesome.