No one hopes their relationship will come to an end, but nowadays, Relationships have become hard to maintain. The world doesn’t even have role models when it comes to maintaining relationships as celebrities Break up every now and then. It’s only a few couples who have taken their relationship a notch higher. Both partners have weaknesses, and when these flaws become issues in the relationship, the two partners are bound to break-up. Here are reasons many relationships end in break-ups.

1 - Love decreasing and financial differences

Some couples mention that the love they once felt towards each other faded away and they are feeling hollow.

Well, the situation is a tough one because there was no harm done to them, nobody hurt the other and they don’t even hate each other. Often, one partner might be saving money while the other wastes it. The partner who is saving money might look down on the other one, while the one who wasted it might feel challenged and quit the relationship.

2. Insecurities

Insecurity is natural, but when one partner feels very insecure, he might choose to find a way out. The reason people break-up because of insecurity is due to their past experiences. An insecure person tends to be extra-possessive and in most cases, an insecure relationship is characterized by fights and conflicts. The only way to save the relationship is to be truthful and open or else your relationship will hit the rocks.

3. Communication barrier

Humans seek pleasure and avoid pain, and a partner can walk away from a relationship if it becomes painful through arguing and utterances that are annoying. Verbal exchange has a huge impact on relationships and people, especially men, are often unable to preserve what they have with their women if they engage in a war of words.

Nobody would want to have a partner with communication issues and therefore, to save your relationship, develop healthy communication.

4. Social media influence

As much as social media keeps people busy and entertained and has gained priority in their lives, it hurts relationships. Social media has made cheating very easy. As a platform where people post their pictures and even express themselves quite intimately, some people other people more attractive than their partners.

The moment they become close, you know what comes after. If your partner finds out you're cheating, you might be unable to solve the issue and it ends in a break-up.

5. One partner trying to change the other

Men change for women for their self-interest. They change to make their partners happy and save the relationship. Women should be supportive of their men, instead of criticizing them, and it's important for them to create emotional connections with their partners. After all, when a man loves a lady, every “issue” she has doesn’t matter to him.