In a recent story published by the BBC, an Italian woman married herself. No! You did not read wrong; Laura Mesi married herself at a grand ceremony that contained everything that can be found at a traditional wedding party - except the groom, of course.

A lavish 'Sologamy Ceremony'

Laura Mesi, a 40-year-old Fitness Instructor, used a model of the world-famous white wedding dress to seal the "marriage" in a celebration attended by 70 guests. Moreover, there were also the bridesmaids and a cake with three tiers - above which was the decoration of a "bride" alone, holding a bouquet.

According to the BBC, Laura Mesi (the bride) said that she firmly believes in the idea that, first and foremost, people need to love themselves. Moreover, about her unusual marriage, she commented: "It is possible to have a Fairy Tale wedding without the necessity of a prince."

The idea of a self-marriage

Laura Mesi had first conceived the concept of self-marriage (known by the term Sologamy, whose advocates believe that it is about self-love and self-acceptance) in 2015, after a twelve-year relationship with her boyfriend - that came to an end. The Italian woman told the newspaper that she told her colleagues and parents that if she did not find her soul mate by the age of 40, she would seal the marriage with herself.

However, the fitness instructor does not rule out the possibility of sharing life with someone special. Laura Mesi nevertheless pointed out that her well-being needs to flow from herself - not from other people - because she said, "If one day, I discover a man with whom I can shape a future, I will be comfortable, but my satisfaction does not depend on him.”

Laura Mesi posted several photos of the ceremony on her personal Facebook page, and among the congratulations sent by social network users, some people made negative comments such as "so sad," "you are out of your" senses and "there’s something incorrect with your brain."

Laura countered the criticism on Facebook

However, she countered criticism by stating that 'nothing and no one can take away your smile.' Even though she says she is happy with what she did, the Italian woman acknowledged in interviews given to some media that this type of marriage - which has no legal weight - is not appropriate for everyone.

According to the BBC, Mesi revealed that to unite himself/herself, a person needs three distinct things: a certain amount of money, the support of the people around them, and - above all else - "a pinch of madness."