They say crime does not pay, but maybe it can, especially if you rob a bank. The fact of the matter is no single robber was born that way, and none of them woke up and decided to steal. Bank robbers have a history of getting away with petty things, which make them take higher risks, becoming A-list robbers. Bank Robberies are kind of interesting, and below are some of the intriguing bank heists in history.

1. The West Hartford Wells Fargo robbery

People never expected that a major international crime would happen in one of the smallest cities in Connecticut, but to their shock, it happened in 1983.

According to, Los Maceteroes, a guerrilla group that fought for the independence of Puerto Rico broke into Wells Fargo and made off with an estimated $7 million which is estimated to be $17 million today. Surprisingly, the group gave much of the money to the poor Puerto Ricans. The remaining money was hidden in Cuba, Puerto Rico and America. The FBI was able to recover 1% of the money which was about $80,000

2. Bank of Bangladesh hack

Probably the most recent one, it happened in February 2016 according to Grunge. Well, not all robbers force their way into banks, hold hostages and demand money. Hackers accessed The Bank of Bangladesh system, and before the bank could get back in control, $101 million had already vanished in digital mid-air, and to this day, the money has never been recovered.

The robbers used stolen SWIFT codes to make the bank send requests to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, asking for millions of dollars to be sent to unknown bank accounts in Asia. Out of the 36 requests, the bank authorized four. The spelling mistakes in the robber's requests made 32 requests get rejected.

3. United California Bank heist

This is arguably one of Americas greatest heists. According to History Things, Professional robber, Amil Dinsio, his brother, James, his nephews, brother in law and two other guys conspired to rob the United California Bank in 1972. They made their way into the vault through its roof after using dynamite to bomb the concrete.

Amil and his accomplices stole $30 million in cash which is estimated to be $170 million today, and the robbery is still the single greatest take in US history. Cops found the townhouse Amil and his gang members had rented, and they were able to pull prints from unwashed dishes, and they were arrested.

4. Central Bank of Iraq withdrawal by force

This is the largest bank heist ever committed according to the Telegraph, rest in peace Saddam Hussein. The late Iraqi dictator sent Qusay his son to the Central Bank of Irag to withdraw all the money in the bank. He took about $1 billion in hundred dollar notes and stuffed all the money in strongboxes before loading them in three lorries. The US troops recovered approximately $650 million from one of Saddam’s palaces, the rest of the money is still at large. Both of Saddam’s sons were killed, and the dictator was captured and hanged.