Apart from business and agriculture, tourism is also an essential economic activity in Africa. It’s a beautiful continent with a rich cultural heritage, worth-seeing landscapes and geographical features you will never forget once you set eyes on them. You should travel to Africa because it’s home to the friendliest people on earth. You will realize that the moment you land at the airport or seaport. You can expect curious locals to come and greet you. Here are the top African Countries you need to Visit.

1. Kenya

In past years, tourist arrivals in Kenya dropped, but now they are steadily rising.

According to Africa.com, the Kenyan coast experienced terrorist attacks between 2012 and 2013 and major European countries and the United States issued travel advisories warning their citizens not to go there. The Kenyan Government has strengthened the country’s security, including that of tourist sites. The state has never been safer, but take care of your valuables as there are petty thieves in the country. Most tourists are from the US, Great Britain, India, and China.

2. Seychelles

If you are a beach-loving person, then Seychelles is the best destination for you off the coast of Africa. You can lie back and relax on the sandy beaches as the equatorial sun shines on you. According to Hand Luggage Only, the country has never trended for wrong reasons, and it’s beautiful.

The government has converted most of its islands to national parks, and therefore you can also visit them after leaving the beach. The reason why the government converted the islands into parks was to preserve its adorable beauty and allow the visitors to experience it for themselves.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is trying hard to attract tourists, according to A World To Travel.

Not many people have an idea of how beautiful the country is. Furthermore, the state is very peaceful, and the locals are very friendly, even though you need to be careful to avoid being scammed. You can visit Ethiopia and see Lake Tana and its 37 islands, the City of Aksum, which represents ancient Ethiopia, the town of Harar Jugol and its 82 mosques and the 13th century stone churches.

4. South Africa

South Africa attracts the most tourists in Africa, and those numbers are rising. According to Africa.com, South African national parks and reserves have excellent reception facilities which attract many visitors. Besides, the countryside is worth experiencing, and the locals are always willing to showcase their culture. Moreover, the country has cosmopolitan cities like Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Johannesburg which you can visit. Most visitors are from China, UK, Germany, and the US.