People make mistakes and sometimes pay dearly for them. It is worse if you are a celebrity. Some famous people are unable to maintain their composure and end up doing or saying things that are socially unacceptable. Fame comes with a price, and the moment it knocks on your door, and you let it in, your privacy jumps out of the window. Even though they aren’t bad people, some stars are despised for things they once did. Here is a list of some of the most disliked Hollywood stars.

1. John Travolta

It's not clear when this began, but people despise the star.

The Grantland Website looked into the issue and they wrote, "John Travolta was a god once — a white-suited, perfectly coiffed deity strutting among men. Now, he is a guy commonly described as weird or creepy.” Travolta weirded everyone out at a red carpet event in 2015 when he was seen touching people inappropriately. He’s an influential member of Scientology kind, and that makes people freak out. As a result, people hate him, his movies didn’t do well, and he decided to focus on directing digital films.

2. The Kardashians

Is there anyone out there who does not hear something about The Kardashians every day? They first made the news after Robert Kardashian was involved in the OJ Simpson case.

Later, Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex-tape went viral, and she got the fame. The Kardashians have businesses like cloth lines, make-up lines, apps, and emojis. Kendall is the only member of the family with a real job. Every morning, one Kardashian is in the news for something she did and the other for what she never did. Many people hate the family due to the over-publicity.

3. Bill Cosby

The actor was once a sensational comedian and one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. Many adults of today grew watching his program, "The Cosby Show." His books still sit sadly on many a bookcase across the world. The actor's past life was dark, and he has been accused by more than 50 women of sexually assaulting them.

What makes it believable is that so many people tell the same story of being drugged and assaulted. He took a huge blow and people no longer found his "The Cosby Show" funny. What's to laugh at?

4. Miley Cyrus

It is believed that Miley’s rise to fame was influenced by her dad’s Achy Breaky career. But all the hate going her way is a result of her own actions. You must have seen her tongue wagging gestures, robotic acting, and her vulgar dancing. It really annoys some people. She even allows her fans to touch her private parts. Actions like those have made her lose all the respect she had earned, and she is no longer a role model. No parent would want to see his or her child wag the tongue as Miley does.

The Top speak for a lot of people when they say, "The thing that annoys me the most with Miley Cyrus is how extreme she's going to get rid of her "good-girl" image."

5. Tyler Perry

Perry is a writer, director, and actor. He made it to fame after playing an elderly female character, Madea. Just like any other celebrity, he has his critics who accuse him of depicting stereotypes of colorism, sexism and black people in his films. In fact, the Crunk Feminist Collection Blog describes him by saying, "Tyler Perry can only represent Black men positively by throwing Black women under the bus."